Baking soda/vinegar volcano!

Just 2 days in and going well!

My new homeschool plan has worked well for the first 2 days…so far so good! I am hoping it will continue to go well. In just 2 days they are both already getting better at writing what they’re doing in their journals without a fuss. Pretty dang cool, I think! We’ll see if it continues. :)

Here’s some pics of what we’ve been up to these first 2 days:

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    Curriculum doesn't work for every homeschooler,

    Curriculum doesn’t work for every homeschooler

    Curriculum doesn't work for every homeschooler, HomeschoolRealm.comAre you like me and you’ve tried a multitude of different homeschool curricula only to have them fail to work for you?

    If you are having a difficult time finding something that works for homeschooling your children, you may relate to this….

    I have a new plan for the new year. Yes, another one.

    We’ve still not had a super successful plan and I’m determined to change that. I’m not giving up! I WILL find a way that works for all of us, if it kills me!

    Near the end of last year I finally had to face that curriculum doesn’t appear to work for us. Even excellent curriculum like Pandia Press and Elemental Science create.

    I still highly recommend these curricula, for those that do well with curriculum…but my kids just didn’t get into them and I’m done trying and failing at packaged curriculum. (Except math. Math Mammoth, for some reason, seems to work for us.)


    Why education gaps don’t concern me

    mindthegap-w-textCC Image courtesy of Robert S. Donovan on Flickr

    Gaps in my children’s homeschool education don’t concern me.
    I hear homeschoolers express fear over the dreaded “gaps” in their child’s education all the time. It’s all over the internet, particularly rampant among newbie homeschoolers. But veteran homeschoolers are living in this fear as well.

    I truly believe it’s causing unnecessary stress, because frankly, there will ALWAYS be gaps, no matter what you do or what form of education you choose for your child. There is simply no way to NOT have gaps. Think about it, there is NO WAY to teach your kids everything! There just isn’t! Here’s an article that explains this more eloquently than I’m capable of: “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Gaps?” And another great article on this topic: “Bridging Your Gap! Facing Your Fear”

    Keep it simple, Stupid!

    Keep it simple, Stupid!!

    20140718-184358-67438201.jpgMy motto this year is THINK SIMPLE. If it’s not simple, it won’t work with our family. So I’m going to try try try to KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! LOL!

    I’ve already determined that prefab curriculum just does not excite my kids (even the really fabulous ones that exist out there!) They are BOOOOOOOORED when I stick with any sort of a program like that. So we’re going to “wing it with style” this year and create our own as we go! Let’s see how it goes.

    Getting back on the Purge and Clean horse

    I haven’t written in awhile because life got away from me for awhile there. But I’m getting back on track again, so I thought I’d update what I’ve been up to with my Great Summer Purge and Clean.

    Week 2 (Jun 6-13) I made a change in my plan because I found out that our street was having it’s “Big Pickup” (the day that the city will collect large trash items at our curb, like furniture and basically just big piles of trash. So it’s a great opportunity to do some major purging, and all we have to do is get it to the curb.) So since we were going out of town on Monday, the Big Pickup was Tuesday, that left the weekend for us to do the work. If I had stuck with my zones as I had planned, I then would have missed 2 days of Purging/Cleaning in that zone, because I’d be working on the curb stuff….so I just moved the yard zone up to that week, problem solved!