Keep it simple, Stupid!

Keep it simple, Stupid!!

20140718-184358-67438201.jpgMy motto this year is THINK SIMPLE. If it’s not simple, it won’t work with our family. So I’m going to try try try to KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! LOL!

I’ve already determined that prefab curriculum just does not excite my kids (even the really fabulous ones that exist out there!) They are BOOOOOOOORED when I stick with any sort of a program like that. So we’re going to “wing it with style” this year and create our own as we go! Let’s see how it goes.

Getting back on the Purge and Clean horse

I haven’t written in awhile because life got away from me for awhile there. But I’m getting back on track again, so I thought I’d update what I’ve been up to with my Great Summer Purge and Clean.

Week 2 (Jun 6-13) I made a change in my plan because I found out that our street was having it’s “Big Pickup” (the day that the city will collect large trash items at our curb, like furniture and basically just big piles of trash. So it’s a great opportunity to do some major purging, and all we have to do is get it to the curb.) So since we were going out of town on Monday, the Big Pickup was Tuesday, that left the weekend for us to do the work. If I had stuck with my zones as I had planned, I then would have missed 2 days of Purging/Cleaning in that zone, because I’d be working on the curb stuff….so I just moved the yard zone up to that week, problem solved!

Too hot for yard work


So this week has been a bit of a wash in terms of my Purge and Clean. I may get out there today to accomplish something, but I have a podcast to produce that’s supposed to be out Saturday and I’ve not begun editing, so I may end up just using the rest of this week for catchup.

I did do the shed on Sunday. Got a LOT purged from there and dragged to the curb for “Big Pickup”, since I knew we’d be gone all day Monday (homeschool group trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium planned months ago. Free tickets!) and the pickup was Tuesday, so I had to get all the stuff I could to the curb over the weekend. Which is when it was over 100. Typical Fresno summer, which is why I typically don’t leave the house much from June to September.

Zone 1, Day 7: Table and floor, Great Summer Purge and Clean

Well the last day of the kitchen zone was highly successful! I didn’t think I had it in me, but I made it through transforming my grungy kitchen floor into a clean floor! Also cleared and scrubbed our kitchen table, which I had cleared off earlier in the week but hadn’t actually scrubbed.

Hard to tell with the floor, because I didn’t take any before pics (too embarassing!) but take my word for it, this is a HUGE improvement!

I also discovered something this past week. I have a lot more on my plate now with all my client work, so I’m not actually going to be able to allot every single day for 8wks to my purge and clean, or I will have some very unhappy clients. So, I decided to go through my schedule and make Fridays my “Catchup Day”. Then I can do whatever I need to catchup on, be it housework or client work. I’ve shuffled the jobs around to allow for this, combining some jobs earlier in the week to allow for an empty day on Friday.

Zone 1, Day 5 & 6: Sink counters and cupboards, Great Summer Purge and Clean

Day 5 & 6 of my purge and I still am mainly doing cleaning…not so much purging. Mostly because I have so very much that is competing in my life right now, that I just haven’t had the time to open up those cupboards. But the outside messes definitely needed to be attended to. If worse comes to worse and I don’t get to the insides…so be it. They are not really all that bad anyway, so I still feel good that I’ve accomplished so much on the outside.

But I knew the kitchen was going to be this challenging. As you can see in the pics below, I’ve allowed my clean sink to get messy again. Such is our life in this house. Being that this area is used constantly, I never expected it to stay clean for long…I just feel good having gotten it properly cleaned this week! :) ¬†And now it is clean again, after the work I did today. The below pics were 2 days in the making, but I can finally say the area is DONE! Even got all the dishes finally done!

Zone 1, Day 4: Microwave area, Great Summer Purge and Clean

Well things are still coming along, but I’m getting a little knocked off track by life. But I still kicked butt on this area! Didn’t get to the inside of the cupboards yet, but they are not actually all that bad right now, so I’m not going to stress.

What I DID accomplish in this area:

  • The obvious messy counter. Wiped and scrubbed.
  • Microwave totally cleaned, inside and out and under. (It was GROSS!)
  • All cupboard doors wiped thoroughly, inside and out. Drawer outsides wiped too.
  • Walls and ceiling above cupboards wiped some…we don’t have a vent in our kitchen, so the ceiling gets grungy from cooking.
  • Under the cupboard, where my rice cooker regularly blasts steam, bleached and wiped. (It was brown and sticky! Not all of it came off, but it is greatly improved!)

Zone 1, Day 3, Stove area, Great Summer Purge and Clean, DONE!

Well I’m exhausted. Seriously! The kitchen is darn near killing me! But I knew it would. It’s always the messiest part of my house and I wanted to do it first because I was just sick of looking at it and wading through the mess. But now I’m starting to feel like I should have followed my “start with something easy” advice and gone with the living room first.

Let this be a lesson to you! Start easy! But I will persevere, as this is what I started, so I want to see it through to the end.

But the good news is that the worst of this zone is done! The fridge and stove (not the oven yet….don’t look in my oven! Lol!) are spotless and the cupboards are decluttered and organized! Today I move to my messy microwave and all the cupboards on the wall above and below.

Zone 1, Day 2, Fridge area, Great Summer Purge and Clean, DONE!

Phew! What a day! I was so pooped out from all the work I did yesterday that I didn’t have it in me to post this update!

So here I am, the morning of day 3, posting my day 2 update. Better late than never, right?

My fridge was a gunky MESS, lemme tell ya! The biggest job was cleaning the shelves and drawers. Things get spilled over time and cake the shelves and pool under the drawers! Yucko! Am I the only one who has kids that don’t wipe up their spills in the fridge? Ay yi yi!

Well they’re clean now! Now my job is to harp on anyone that makes a mess in my clean areas to CLEAN IT UP! Won’t stay clean forever, but for now it feels GOOD!

Do the easy or small stuff first!!

While getting started on my fridge, I’m thinking thinking thinking (despite the podcast playing in my ears…seriously, my brain never shuts off!), and I wanted to share for those that haven’t thought of this. DO THE EASY STUFF FIRST!!

When I was a kid, I wanted to do the hard stuff first so that I could get it over with first, but as an adult I realized I had it backward. Because often I would lose steam, not finish the hard thing, and have very little to show for my time and effort.

So I’ve come to realize you should instead do the EASY stuff first! Get it done, out of the way, and you’ll quickly have something to look at to be proud of, no matter how little it is…it can give you the energy to keep going.

So do the easy stuff, or smaller stuff, first.

Zone 1, Day 2, Fridge area, Great Summer Purge and Clean, Let’s GO!

Zone: Kitchen
Mini-Zone: Refrigerator and cupboard above.

I’m really revealing my dirty laundry to y’all here. Well dirty fridge. This is me baring it all.
This is the state of my fridge currently:

There is a smell eminating from somewhere within and I aim to tackle this monster today! Gearing up for quite a battle!

Wish me luck! If you don’t hear from me by tonight, send help. ;)

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