MUSIC REVIEW: Veggie Tunes 2

I actually have not yet heard Veggie Tunes 1, sorry! 🙂 But this one is very good! This was my first exposure to Veggie Tales…which are Christian computer generated vegetable characters. Starring Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, these guys are just hysterical!! For the most part it enforces basic family values that we all want for our kids–honesty, […]

MUSIC REVIEW: Disney Baby Lullaby

I’m not a Disney fan. I think their movies are way too violent and intense for little kids and (other than their music), there’s not a whole lot of redeeming quality to anything they produce (although as an adult I do enjoy their movies for myself.)…and don’t get me started on their commercialism which is way beyond ridiculous overkill…BUT, their […]