the drama of our lives

we have only 1 credit card…which i’m quite proud of (we paid off the others when we remortgaged our home and took cash out to pay off a bunch of stuff). and we rarely use it. recently we’ve had to use it, unfortunately, but we are paying it off as soon as adam gets some more money in from jobs […]

photoshop for kids!

wow, i never thought of teaching my kids to use photoshop! i’m still learning myself, and i think its just so complicated…but this article really has me thinking. maeven and tyren have both played around with computer paint programs and such…what an idea, to look for tutorials and videos to teach them how to use the photoshop tools to create […]

what to do in this heat?

seriously things are bad around here. it was 112 yesterday! i’m not surprised. we didn’t even attempt to leave the house. we’re watching videos and playing on the computer far too much for my liking…but really, there’s not much else to do. well there is, but i haven’t yet thought of something i actually want to do that the kids […]

another hot day

did i mention that our dryer died? well it did, and i recycled it (got a whole $4 for it!) and the search for a new (used) one, began. to make a long story short, i did my research and found some used ones…but…salvation army didn’t have any electric dryers, only gas…we don’t have hookup for that…and a used place […]

a simplifying of birthdays has happened

just wanted to make sure to make note for all of those friends of our family that haven’t been invited to tyren’s birthday party. its not anything personal. i’ve just gotten to a point where i’m trying to simplify things and so i’ve narrowed down party lists greatly lately. for one, we cannot afford party favors for 11-million kids anymore. […]

Do Good Grades Predict Success?

Very interesting blog post: i would agree with many of the comments on this post that grades measure very little…as some of the most intelligent and successful (in my mind) people i know did horrid in school. my husband and father, for starters. as i recall, my bro didn’t do all that great either, at least up through high […]