new “school year”

well i obviously have seriously sucked at blogging here about all things homeschooling. we have gone in a more unschooling direction and i have just gotten lax about everything. but i have a husband that doesn’t understand or agree with unschooling, and a nagging voice in my head that makes unschooling difficult for me, so i’m taking up some more […]

BOOK REVIEW: Special Day Celebration: Seasonal Mini Celebrations to Enjoy with Young Children

This book has some really neat ideas for activities to celebrate holidays! It also introduces some new holidays! Designed for preschool aged children, it is divided into seasons & a short history of each celebration as well as age-appropriate activities & often songs. Related posts: BOOK REVIEW: Mudpies to Magnets BOOK REVIEW: Sharing Nature With Children BOOK REVIEW: The Peaceful […]

BOOK REVIEW: Science is: A source of fascinating facts, projects and activities

Man did this book ever come in handy! This has every possible type of science activity you can imagine in it…most are very neat! (And for those that aren’t…well, I’ve gotten quite good at tweaking things to suit me…) And it’s so user-friendly, with charts dividing it into sections and subject areas. According to the book, it’s designed for 6-14 […]

my poor sick baby girl

well those of you that read my twitter or facebook feeds, already know about the drama of the past 4 days. but i thought i’d blog about it anyway, cuz i feel like writing out the whole story. so maeven started complaining about a sore throat the end of last week…maybe friday or saturday, don’t remember exactly. by sunday she […]

my new favorite song

(and my new favorite musical scene from a movie!) here’s the video (from the movie “enchanted”…great movie, by the way!) and here’s the lyrics: Giselle: How does she know you love her? How does she know she’s yours? Man: How does she know that you love her? Giselle: How do you show her you love her? Both: How does she […]