Beware of false history textbooks

I read an interesting article this morning, which I found because someone had tweeted that site’s previous article about altered history textbooks. Fascinating, and scary, stuff! It makes me really wonder what books to believe, and what I should be teaching my children! But then, I’ve had this discussion before on the Secular Charlotte Mason yahoogroup (LOVE that group, by […]

Kids and website design

Do your kids like to play on the computer a lot? Mine too. So much so that I had to wrestle with them for time on my own computer! (Until I got Times Up Kidz.) How about blogging or building websites? I’ve been thinking for awhile that I want to get my kids into web design, if they’re interested…Since I […]

Amazing new math game!

I stumbled upon the “SumStacker” iPhone app awhile back, a math game for kids, and was REALLY impressed with it! So I checked out the website of the developer of the game and found this: Apparently the game isn’t officially out yet…still in Beta testing…But I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on this website and will be […]