What a cool idea!

So I never did finish blogging about my summer purge…but I did keep doing it! I’ll see if I can find time to post more pics when I get a chance…but right now I’m working on prep for the new school year and researching the work box system. Found this neat video that shows a really creative way to use […]

Silly girls

Overheard in my kitchen, conversation between my 12.5yr old and her dear friend Brooke…. Brooke: How’d you remember that?Maeven: Uh, my brain.Brooke: Oh cool! How’d you do that? I want one of those!Maeven: I know! They’re cool!! *preteen giggles all around, plus some Mommy giggles, truth be told*Maeven: They’re half off at Walmart!! Related posts: I can’t seem to blog […]