Why education gaps don’t concern me

Why education gaps don’t concern me

CC Image courtesy of Robert S. DonovanĀ on Flickr Gaps in my children’s homeschool education don’t concern me. I hear homeschoolers express fear over the dreaded “gaps” in their child’s education all the time. It’s all over the internet, particularly rampant among newbie homeschoolers. But veteran homeschoolers are living in this fear as well. I truly believe it’s causing unnecessary stress, […]

Funny things on a road trip

Maeven, looking at the hills, covered in dead CA native grasses, sprinkled with little bushy trees: “Everything looks like broccoli!” ———————– This hay truck drove past and Adam said “Hey!!” Took me a sec and I got it and burst into giggles. I’m easily amused. ——————- While talking about the alphabet game, where you look for the letters of the […]

Adam-ism of the day

After I told Adam I wasn’t going to go check to see if the drier was empty for him, that he could do it himself, because I was in the middle of something (He’s ALWAYS trying to get me to do things for him, and feigns hurt or anger when I won’t.)…. “Sometimes when people are being mean to other […]