We did squid dissection today with friends…Maeven was NOT interested! She told me later she felt they were too cute to cut up. BUT she did listen to the interesting facts shared about squid by our dear friend Shauna. And even had answers to some of the questions and added some facts she learned from the documentaries she’s seen about […]


SCIENCE: Attended a virtual field trip at Fresno Pacific University, to Crystal Cove State Park: Ranger on beach, talking about tide pool life. LANGUAGE ARTS: Sequential Spelling 1, #48 Heard more of [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:043935806X” templatenumber=”1″]           Writing Strands 2, #2-1 D’Nealian wkbk p. 16 MATH: Teaching Textbooks 3, #36-38 Related posts: Wednesday Monday Wednesday Wednesday


LANGUAGE ARTS: Sequential Spelling 1, #47         Heard more of [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:043935806X” templatenumber=”1″]            Finished “Wings” [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:1599901935 ” templatenumber=”1″]           MATH: Teaching Textbooks 3, #35 & quiz Played “Junior Labyrinth:       SOCIAL STUDIES: Heard “The Story of Exploration” (Usborne book), by Anna Claybourne, p. 7-21 Related posts: […]


LANGUAGE ARTS: Sequential Spelling 1, #45 & 46 Writing Strands 2, #1-3 & 1-4 D’Nealian p. 15 Heard more of Harry Potter 6 MATH: Teaching Textbooks 3, #33 & 34 SOCIAL STUDIES: [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0195095065″ templatenumber=”1″]Bk 1, Ch 20 & 21 Related posts: Wednesday Thursday Saturday Wednesday


SOCIAL STUDIES: [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0195095065″ templatenumber=”1″] Bk 1, Ch 18 & 19       LANGUAGE ARTS: Sequential Spelling 1, #43 & 44 Heard more of Harry Potter 6 Read more of “Wings” SCIENCE: Played Minecraft Played Legos HOME ECONOMICS: Shopped for Halloween costume fabric & materials Related posts: Sunday Monday Saturday Friday


MATH: Teaching Textbooks 3, #25 & 26 LANGUAGE ARTS: Sequential Spelling 1, #41 & 42 Writing Strands 2, #1-1 & 1-2 D’Nealian p. 12 & 13 Finished reading Guardians of Ga’Hoole 5 Started reading Guardians of Ga’Hoole 6 Heard more of Harry Potter 6 SOCIAL STUDIES: Finished hearing “Where Do You Think You’re Going, Christopher Columbus?” [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0195095065″ templatenumber=”1″] Bk […]