Last week on Facebook 5/28/14

I totally flaked on gathering the links posted to Facebook last weekend! WOOPS! Here they are, the links I posted to the Homeschool Realm Facebook Page from May 18-24. A Perfect Method for Keeping Unschooling Records–An unschooling mom shares her way of using Evernote for record keeping. Very detailed! Even Better Bubble Dough–a neat recipe for a dough I’ve never […]

This week on Facebook 5/17/14

Had some fun finding more things to share this week! Some really cool stuff! If you’ve not yet liked HomeschoolRealm on Facebook, check it out here, and get the links as I find them! Video: Frozen’s Let it Go–A Mom Parody Found this funny video that takes the nauseatingly popular Frozen song “Let it Go”, and turns it into a mom anthem. I […]

This Week on Facebook 5/10/14

Ooooh, some super cool links this week! Check it out! Article: Teaching Writing I saw this link on a post on a Facebook group, in response to the question someone posted asking for a writing curriculum without grammar or spelling. This article is part of a series, and is about teaching writing, Charlotte Mason style, and since I’m a big […]

This week on Facebook

A bit of a slow week, but some more great links!! Looks like it was all science this week. Okeanos Explorer Live feed from an ocean explorer! Wild Kingdom It’s back! I remember loving this show as a kid! I’m so excited to see this!! 15 science experiments you can do with your kids I’ve been wanting to do the […]

This week on Facebook

Here are the links and info I shared on Facebook this past week… This site has free online math games, some of which are based on already existing popular games, like Angry Birds, but it gives them an educational twist! Here is a fun video that explains the science of “baffling balloon behavior”. And while you’re there, check out […]

Weekly free apps!

  Just found out that The Wired Homeschool is doing a weekly posting of homeschool related or friendly apps that are FREE!! He’s calling it "Free App Friday."   Check it out here. Related posts: APP REVIEW: iPhone Apps and rewards free typing game online!!! 2 Sites w/Regular Free Stuff for Homeschoolers! Weekly Challenges, anyone?

poptropica ROCKS!!

maeven just LOVES this game! and i have to tell ya…its actually really fun, even for us grownups! it is challenging enough to keep my interest and every couple months they add a new world to explore. pretty dang cool for free! it is kinda a bummer that once you solve a world, there’s really nothing left to do…but maeven […]

surprisingly accurate

i just read this article here. now, i know that this is a spoof newspaper. but i find it amusing that the info in this article is surprisingly accurate to my view on compulsory education! LOL!! interesting. Related posts: LINK: The “Tyranny” of Socialization Homeschoolers Threaten Our Cultural Comfort How to best share info Do Good Grades Predict Success?

Homeschoolers Threaten Our Cultural Comfort

that’s the title of this article. really fascinating read. i don’t really like the stereotyping of homeschoolers in the article, but i find it really insightful some of the other stuff he has to say. VERY. it is a big generalization, of course…but very interesting. Related posts: 2 Sites w/Regular Free Stuff for Homeschoolers! Minecraft for homeschoolers? My advice to […]

i agree!

i just read this on this very interesting website: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Would you ever consider putting your children in a public school? No. Not under any circumstances. For me, the public schools don’t even exist. I don’t mean to sound down on people who use them, but between the lack of freedom they represent, the joke they call education, and the […]

free typing game online!!!

i just found this site accidentally when searching for something else. how cool is that? i have purchased 2 typing games but neither have been interesting to maeven, so i’ll see if this one appeals to her. yay fun! 🙂 Related posts: This week on Facebook 2 Sites w/Regular Free Stuff for Homeschoolers! online photos Amazing new math game!