what a wonderful xmas!

finally getting around to blogging about xmas…i have been waiting to get the pictures from adam, who already took them off the camera and uploaded to his computer. so hopefully by the time i finish this post he’ll have gotten them to me. this year we didn’t have the pay cut that we had last year, so it started out […]

so thankful for my family

i was just going through a friend’s family photo albums online and thinking that she has such fun times with her family…they really love each other…and also thinking about all the dysfunction out there…and it just makes me really thankful for my own family. we really are very happy together, all of us. i have a wonderful wonderful (albeit, goofy) […]

the “real” xmas

i just realized i talked about the stress of xmas, the prep and the roof caving in…but didn’t really detail how our actual family time went… so here goes… let’s see…normally we do xmas eve at adam’s dad’s house (his parents are divorced), and then to church with my family….then xmas day usually is here at our home for the […]

i am NOT antisocial!

last night my darling husband (DH) accused me of being antisocial! ME! unbelievable! it was because we were at a family gathering (his family) for a birthday celebration and i wasn’t, apparently, mingling to his satisfaction. he kept bugging me about it, presumably because he worried what his family would think. he drives me nuts sometimes! i was NOT being […]

wild water today

adam got free tickets to wild water adventures from his boss and took today off so we could all go. it was really fun! although i have to say that i probably wouldn’t want to go more than once or twice a year. i had thought i would like a season pass but frankly that many people in one place […]