Still with the sense of humor

Background: I just had a nasty stomach bug yesterday, and my kids seem to be following suit… Maeven just now up-chucked in the sink after eating chicken noodle soup, and after cleaning out the sink, Adam asked Maeven: “I saved most of the noodles, Maeven, do you want them?” Yep, that’s my hubby, always the comedian. Related posts: you bweaked […]

My son, the Chippendale

My 7 yr old son just took his shirt off and looked at me with a huge grin…Tyr: “Mom, look!”Me: “What?” Tyr: “I’m a Chippendale!!”Me: ROFLMAO!!! Why does a 7yr old even know about Chippendales, you ask? Amazing Race Season 21. James and Jaymes, the Chippendales team. Chippendale dancers who brought their cuffs and collars on the race with them […]

The comedy of my life

I was just in the bathroom and heard from the living room: Tyren: Dad?Adam: If you ask me for my phone again, I’m going to scream.Tyren: *mumbled something I couldn’t hear*Adam: AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! (in as high pitched a scream as he’s capable of)*Raucous laughter from both children* Related posts: the comedy of my life NOT I DO!!! trying to get back […]

Did I just say that?

I posted this on Facebook, but I just realized stuff mostly just gets lost there, and I should post it here so I can find it again in the future (and laugh). This is from a couple days ago and we were just cracking up over it.—– Did I really just say, loudly, in anger: “Your feet need to stay […]

My funny daughter

Tyren: I wonder if the universe goes on forever.Maeven: It could end…we don’t know…We could be in a snow globe for all we know.– Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Related posts: Prepare to see defeat! Lets eat nuts “I’ll do it!” Still with the sense of humor

Lets eat nuts

My 6yr old was just singing the Prince song “Let’s Go Crazy”…in his rendition, it sounded like this: “Let’s go crazy…Let’s eat nuts!” ROFLMAO!! Always a source of amusement, this one is! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Related posts: My funny daughter Prepare to see defeat! My son, the Chippendale How to best share info

“I’ll do it!”

Maeven: Dad, can I play on your iPhone?Adam: NoMaeven: Why not?Adam: Because I’m mean.Maeven: No you’re not.Adam: Yes I am…see I’ll come over there and whack you. *whack*Maeven: *laughing* That didn’t hurt! Do it again!!Adam: No.Tyren: *piping up* I’ll do it!! Related posts: The comedy of my life a simplifying of birthdays has happened My hot husband Still with the […]