OMG! More Tyren stuff!!

ok i’m starting to feel bad because i feel like i’m always blogging about tyren…but i tell ya…he’s always doing stuff that is blogworthy! but i WILL try to find more things to blog about maeven too…because she’s a hoot as well! but i have to tell you that not long after the masking tape incident i realized, again, that […]

politics is not my thing

but i figure i should really start reading up on things since the election is coming up. and i know that i’m going to vote because there’s a proposition i want to vote against…the one that is trying to overturn the legality of gay marriage. i DEFINITELY don’t want them to take that away from the homosexual californians! so i’ll […]

future brother-in-law?

adam’s youngest sister, sarah, is dating an actor, ryan, who lives with her in prague and occasionally i get links sent to me of some of his work. just got this today: incidentally, the pics of “mary” are of sarah…and the pic of her parents are NOT her parents, who’ve been divorced for many years and look nothing like that, […]

mommy where’s your penis?

another tyrenism, ROFL! in the shower together:tyren: (kinda shocked sounding) mommy! where’s your penis??mommy: i don’t have a penis, i have a vaginatyren: then how do you go pee? ROFLMAO!!! where does he come up with this stuff? Related posts: NOT I DO!!! Mothering Magazine sponsored homeschool chat transcripts coming soon! I am a mommy again when does mommy get […]


tyren walked up to maeven today and said “yook, maeven, poopyhands!!”apparently he had his hands down his diaper and was quite impressed…as i was running to get wipes, i hear him comment, on my way out of the room “yooks yike chwatit” (looks like chocolate. ROFLMAO!! Related posts: NOT I DO!!! amen my son is a crack up!! The comedy […]


the tyrenisms just keep coming… tyren seems to be a bit occupied lately with saying prayer. my parents take him once a week for lunch or dinner (depending on when they are available), and being religious, they always say grace. well lately tyren has been insisting on us (adam, maeven and i) holding hands and bowing heads and he says […]

i laughed so hard i cried

seriously, tears in my eyes while i was driving…couldn’t breathe!! today in the car– tyren, just out of the blue, was asking my mom a question that we couldn’t figure out what it was he was saying…i had to turn off the air and the music to listen hard. he speaks pretty clearly (hell, he says “acshoowayee”/”actually”, on a regular […]

my son is a crack up!!

tyren: (putting hands behind his back) “which one has the magic fairy dust?”me: that one (pointing)tyren: (showing his hand with one speck of glitter)me: yay!tyren: (putting hands behind back again) “which one has a finger?”me: (busting up laughing!!!!!!!!!!) Related posts: My son, the Chippendale my son’s plans for tomorrow my son’s new favorite video my son, the comedian

i’m a pooty and a tootie!

i just have to share this…tyren just cracked me UP!! i was telling him he was a “cutie patootie”…then i said “say, ‘i’m a cutie patootie’” tyren’s response: “i’m a pooty and a tootie!” ROFLMAO!! there ya have it, folks. 🙂 Related posts: How to best share info Lets eat nuts poop-scepades mommy where’s your penis?

you wuv me?

just heard this while maeven and tyren were playing lego with daddy: TYREN: “mae-mae, you wuv me??”MAEVEN: (laughs) “yeah”TYREN: “mae-mae, i wuv you!!” awwwww, i have the sweetest kids! 🙂 Related posts: NOT I DO!!! you bweaked it, daddy! I am a mommy again wild water today


Mommy: “Do you have poo-poos?”Tyren: “No. Not I do, Mommy. NOT I DO!!!!” (said with very grouchy face)(Mommy laughs)*later*Mommy: “You ready to eat waffles?”Tyren: “Yes!!”Mommy: “Are you going to be able to sit in your high chair?” (he hates sitting in poop)Tyren: “No.”Mommy: “Don’t you want your diaper changed so you can sit in your high chair?”Tyren: “NO!!” *pause* “Oh…..yes!” […]

you bweaked it, daddy!

tyren saw adam put the leaf down on the kitchen table for the first time just now, clean the crevice. tyren was HORRIFIED and angry that daddy “broke” the table…gave adam a very stern and angry face and said “you BWEAKED it, Daddy!!!” (translation…you broke it). adam and i were cracking up. TOO FUNNY! and this right after he dumped […]