my new homeschool blog

just a heads up that i’ve got a new blog specifically for blogging about our homeschool experience. this one will remain my anything-goes blog. i’ll probably still talk some about homeschooling here too, from time to time, but if you want to know the details of our homeschool experience, you’ll have to head over to “playing with legos”. i just […]

mad dash for preschool

recently i got word from someone joining our local homeschooling group that they weren’t actually going to be homeschooling but were looking for help with doing preschool for their 3yr old. that’s fine, some people do consider themselves “homeschooling” preschool. i’ve heard it said. but she seemed pretty frantic to get some “schooling” for said 3yr old. this i find […]

Homeschoolers Threaten Our Cultural Comfort

that’s the title of this article. really fascinating read. i don’t really like the stereotyping of homeschoolers in the article, but i find it really insightful some of the other stuff he has to say. VERY. it is a big generalization, of course…but very interesting. Related posts: 2 Sites w/Regular Free Stuff for Homeschoolers! Minecraft for homeschoolers? My advice to […]

i agree!

i just read this on this very interesting website: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Would you ever consider putting your children in a public school? No. Not under any circumstances. For me, the public schools don’t even exist. I don’t mean to sound down on people who use them, but between the lack of freedom they represent, the joke they call education, and the […]