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And now, introducing: NOODLE HOMESCHOOL!!!

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I mentioned in the last post that I created a whole new online learning experience and named it “Moodle Homeschool” (see that post for all the details)…..After the fact, I thought of the use of that name and had a feeling that I might be getting myself into trouble down the line with that name, so I emailed Moodle…..

Got word from the powers-that-be at Moodle that I cannot use their name in my project name like that. WOOPS! I should have known that! I actually am well aware of this from what I’ve read about WordPress businesses….Not sure why it didn’t occur to me until several weeks in that using that name was probably a bad idea.

I’ve changed the name to NOODLE HOMESCHOOL!!


Had a little more fun with the logo too…cleaned it up a little, making it less cluttered and adding a mustache that just really seemed to go with the whole “Noodle” thing, LOL!

A little more about the logo….

As mentioned above, the mustache was added because it seemed like a silly, fun thing to show that Noodle Homeschool is something fun.

The mortarboard is a universal symbol for education that is part of the Moodle logo…I got permission to still use that, so I went with it, to tie in with the fact that I’m using Moodle for the classes, and there is learning happening at Noodle Homeschool.

The flowers, I felt were a good representation of our little blooming minds….learning and growing….

The party hat is on the word “homeschool” because, again, I think homeschooling should be FUN! (Part of the reason that I created Noodle Homeschool was to bring the fun back to our family’s homeschooling!)

Plus, I’m thinking it might work well to have a tag line like “Use your noodle!”  I’ll have to see what I can come up with for that.

So I’m excited by the change! We’ll see where it takes us.

I haven’t changed the url for the actual classes, they are still at: since they told me it’s ok to use moodle in the url like that. I don’t want to have to change that, which would be a much bigger deal.

And it’s not too late to join us for The Amazing Race 26 course currently happening!
CBS posts full episodes of previous shows on their website, so you can watch anytime after it’s aired!
We’ve visited Japan and Thailand so far this season, and we are having a lot of fun! Come check it out!

Just $10/child for all 8 countries of Amazing Race 26! This rate will be at least doubled after this season…so join us now and you can enjoy some fun learning (and not all of it is online! I do have printables and instructions for offline activities too!)  And get a taste of what is to come in Noodle Homeschool! I have lots of plans to create more classes once we get through this season of Amazing Race. I’m focusing on building the country classes right now, and figuring out the best way to do things with my 25 enrolled kids currently taking the class (including my 2)…I’m getting help with feedback from the families participating, to help improve things so when I launch the next course it will be even better!

Also, PLEASE SHARE!! Tell your friends, post the link on online groups you are on, and just tell people about what’s going on over here! I really appreciate your helping me get the word out about this brand new thing I’ve got going on that I’m having a blast creating!

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Introducing…Moodle Homeschool!!!

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Update: I just got word that I cannot use the name “Moodle” in my biz name, so I’ve changed “Moodle Homeschool” to “Noodle Homeschool”! I think I actually like it better!  The url is the same, but the name and logo has just changed.


Soooooo exciting!!

If you follow me on the Homeschool Realm Facebook page or on the Experience-Based Learning FB group, or listen to the Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast, you’ve seen/heard me talking about Moodle.

I am seriously in love with this program!!

It just occurred to me that I never talked about it here on my blog! Woops! This thing is all-consuming lately,  which is probably why I haven’t found time to blog about it yet!

Ok, so here it is. I’ll start from the beginning.

Moodle is a program for organizing learning online. It organizes teacher’s resources, activities, assignments, quizzes, everything in one place for students and teachers both to be able to access and communicate freely.

Lots of colleges and schools use Moodle all over the world.

Here’s a pretty dull looking Moodle class screenshot I just snagged off the web to give you a taste.  You can see how things are all laid out for students.

Here’s some screenshots of a Japan course I have as part of my Amazing Race 26 series:
(These are only a small sampling of what I’ve put together for this particular course…but it will give you an idea of how *I* do MY Moodle classes!)


Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9

Obviously, these are links to the full activity or assignment…and on the full page there is information, instructions, links to outside resources and embedded videos.

And you can see how I’ve brought my Experience-Based Learning idea into these online lessons! I sort every course by station!

Also, the check boxes to the right are for the children to check what activities they’ve completed, to help them keep track since there’s SO MANY things to do! 🙂

One of my favorite things about Moodle is the ability to embed video right into the lesson page!! No more distractions from YouTube! I’ve even learned how to turn off the suggested videos at the end!! Love it!

And there’s loads of ways for students to submit answers to questions or assignments or upload files (still trying to think of a creative way to use that feature that does not involve requiring students to write a paper. Not really the direction I want to go with this. I’ll think of something! Or just skip it.)

I’m having so much fun coming up with creative and fun ways to use all these features…recently came up with an intro lesson for each country that involves an interactive lesson, leading the kids through learning about the basics of each country: language, currency, where it’s located, that sort of thing…Interactive and fun to help them, hopefully, retain the information.

ANYWAY….Can you tell how much I LOVE MOODLE??

I stumbled upon Moodle because Minecraft Homeschool started using it for their classes, which my kids love! It’s a really neat way to pull all the activities and assignments together in one place for kids to be able to do their work, and in a fun way! Because my kids love technology as much as I do!

So I got to thinking….maybe I should try it out and see if I could pull my kids’ stations together online!

So I installed it on my server. (It’s free, open-source, but you have to have webspace to install it on.) And I started playing with it.

Whew, you guys! It’s COMMMMM.PLEX!! But I am loving it!

So I took 2 of the lessons we were working on in our Traveling Through History with Doctor Who lessons (check them out if you have Whovians too! Great way to learn history!) and I started putting all the info onto Moodle for my kids, and in a format specifically for the kids, so it was directed at the student, not the teacher…and I tweaked the hell out of it.

I am not one to leave things the way they are when I see ways they can be improved….so I added and deleted so much that it really no longer resembles the original. Which is good, because even though I started just doing this for MY kids…I quickly realized that here is something I could open up to others and make some much needed income on! (A good thing it no longer resembles the original, I say, because I would NEVER copy someone else’s work! So I basically am starting from scratch on the Doctor Who History idea…using almost nothing from this woman’s work, other than Doctor Who episodes I would have used anyway and links/resources  that I already knew…and I’m going to be providing mine online in such a way that it’s a completely different resource. Plus I will continue to recommend her lessons, because they are good!)

And THEN, I saw the announcement that Amazing Race 26 was starting in about a week. 

And I realized how PERFECT this would be to start this new business venture!!

You guys remember how we homeschool with The Amazing Race, right? Learning about the countries as the racers race around the world? Hm, I don’t seem to have blogged about that either. Geez, I’m really behind on my blog posts! Well listen to that episode of Savvy Homeschool Moms linked above and you’ll hear all about it.

So….Amazing Race….I would have to get my butt in gear PRONTO…setting a system up for payment and spread the word and get the first country material prepared….luckily their Wikipedia page lets you know a little ahead of time what countries they are heading to, and I already have an audience here on Homeschool Realm, the Homeschool Realm Facebook page, and of course our podcast listeners at Savvy Homeschool Moms, so I knew spreading the word wouldn’t be an issue!

So I got to work!! And that’s how Moodle Homeschool was born!!

And WOW, this is turning out to be a lot of work and a lot of FUN!  I have the first country, Japan, done, and just completed the second destination, Thailand!

I have  22 students currently enrolled and enjoying the activities and resources!! So far so good!

At the writing of this, we are 3 episodes into Amazing Race 26, but it’s not too late to join us!
Since past episodes of Amazing Race are available on CBS’s website, you can catch up any time!

ALSO: This season I am only charging the introductory price of $10/child for the entire season (season 26)…That’s 8 countries for $10! An amazing deal! And I will not be keeping it this low next season! I started low to get my feet wet with as many kids as possible trying out my untested idea. After this season, I’ll better know what I’m doing and I can already tell you that price will most likely double, at least.

I want to keep it as affordable as possible for homeschool families so I won’t raise prices crazy high. But I literally put HOURS and HOURS of work into each course…so $10 won’t do for long.

So get in at this great price while you can!!

Moodle Homeschool

And let me know if you have any questions!

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