I love that I finally seem to have developed the ability to lecture my 14yr old daughter about life lessons in a way that is goofy and fun, and very UNlecture-y. Just had a long conversation with her about the importance of routine….something I’ve struggled with for YEARS. At least since I became a mom…I was much better about it […]

New bed!

tyr’s first night in his own bed (next to ours) was a success! i asked him how he liked it and he said “i loved it!!” so funny…at one point in the night, tyr was snuggled up to my side of the bed with his head on me, body on his bed. too cute. Related posts: my happy girl Nakey […]


ok, i seriously suck at regular housework…i mean i do it all the time but i can’t seem to maintain anything. and i’ve not been really great about consistency with the children with chores. i want to, and i really mean to…i just suck at it. i’m starting to really get that i suck at consistency in most anything and […]

proud mama

i have said here before that i tend to be very hard on myself and my parenting abilities and such. i am constantly critiquing myself and am my own worst critic. so right now i feel like posting some things that i am very happy and even proud of. something i was thinking about earlier today is how i’m very […]

my poor sick baby girl

well those of you that read my twitter or facebook feeds, already know about the drama of the past 4 days. but i thought i’d blog about it anyway, cuz i feel like writing out the whole story. so maeven started complaining about a sore throat the end of last week…maybe friday or saturday, don’t remember exactly. by sunday she […]

good lord but parenting is HARD!

i know i am growing and changing all the time…loosening up on some things and perhaps strengthening my convictions on others. there are things i feel strongly about today i probably won’t a year from now. things come and go and life changes me, as it does everyone. i was just having a conversation with adam about how i feel […]