New starts and New ideas

I’m constantly learning and coming up with new ideas on how to do things in my life, particularly in regards to homeschooling. This whole adventure called “homeschooling” has proven to be a HUGE learning experience for me (and I’m thoroughly enjoying it…most days. *grin*) This week I am attempting to launch a new “school year”…something which always seems so weird […]

BOOK REVIEW: Special Day Celebration: Seasonal Mini Celebrations to Enjoy with Young Children

This book has some really neat ideas for activities to celebrate holidays! It also introduces some new holidays! Designed for preschool aged children, it is divided into seasons & a short history of each celebration as well as age-appropriate activities & often songs. Related posts: BOOK REVIEW: Mudpies to Magnets BOOK REVIEW: Sharing Nature With Children BOOK REVIEW: The Peaceful […]

BOOK REVIEW: Science is: A source of fascinating facts, projects and activities

Man did this book ever come in handy! This has every possible type of science activity you can imagine in it…most are very neat! (And for those that aren’t…well, I’ve gotten quite good at tweaking things to suit me…) And it’s so user-friendly, with charts dividing it into sections and subject areas. According to the book, it’s designed for 6-14 […]

The BEST book!

Oh my gosh I HAVE to share this amazing book! I found out about it from melissa wiley here. so of course I had to check it out from the library. Let me tell you…the book is ENORMOUS! Immediately i was chomping to dig in…the bigger the book, the better, in my eyes…and I wasn’t sure yet if it would […]