I reject your reality and substitute my own

I reject your reality and substitute my own

  I feel like I am living this….Everything around me is running a zillion miles an hour and I HATE that lifestyle with a PASSION…and find myself, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously, rejecting this lifestyle. Things speed up around me and I often find a way to slow things down without even trying…many times unconsciously. That go-go-go lifestyle that is so […]

My new “Experience-based Learning” system

My new “Experience-based Learning” system

POST NOTE: Since writing this article, and all the interest it has generated, I created a Facebook group for us to discuss and share ideas on this new idea. Come join us!: Homeschooling with Experience-Based Learning! Also, click here to see all the posts on this website with the EBL category or here to see all the posts with the EBL tag. […]

2013/14 Field Trips

One of the (many) beautiful things about homeschooling, is the possibility to take field trips whenever and wherever we can. How many field trips annually do public schools take? I don’t know. I’ve been told it depends on the school district, maybe the school. Some say our local area only get 1 or 2 per year.  I believe some schools […]

A New Week

I think I’m ready to start this week. I’m showered (hair still wet, as you can see), I’m dressed, I’m sitting in my favorite spot in my comfy chair in the “Big Room” (our playroom/homeschool room) and updating my GoodReads.com account (via the wonderful iphone app!) with the books my son read yesterday. Yes, the new bookworm. Have I mentioned […]

Getting organized!

Started organizing my thoughts on paper. Did some journaling and came up with the idea to put big pieces of butcher paper on the wall to plot out my projects and keep me focused. With my (self diagnosed) A.D.D., I find it hard to maintain momentum when I have so many balls in the air. Inevitably I hyper focus on […]

Ah, summer…

We recently finished our first school year at a homeschool charter, and had a truly wonderful year! I’m very glad I made the decision to sign my kids up! So many wonderful free resources available! But one thing is kind of a drag: recording everything remotely educational we do. So I made the decision to take the summer off from […]

We’re LIVE!!

The Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast is now LIVE! You can listen/download/subscribe via our website, SavvyHomeschoolMoms.com or….via iTunes! We already have 2 episodes up and plan to record and upload #3 this weekend! We’re SO excited!! Please check us out and help us spread the word! Like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/savvyhomeschoolmomsand follow us on Twitter at Twitter.com/savvyhomeschoolmoms Related posts: We’re […]