Blogger posts added to this blog

It’s only fair to share…I started blogging on Blogger back in 2004. I started this blog, centered around homeschooling, in 2005. I kept both blogs for years so that I could keep them separate. The Homeschool Realm as a place to center around my thoughts and resources regarding homeschooling… and “Tina’s Realm” on Blogger as a place to just be […]

Homeschool Update!

It’s only fair to share…I recently recorded a new episode of the Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast with my cohost (episode not ready for publish yet, but I’m aiming to have it out soon!)…and one of the things we talked about was what our curriculum and resources look like for the year…so I thought it might also be a good thing […]

A Family Walk

It’s only fair to share…Our family takes short neighborhood walks daily. At least we try to. We live in the Central Valley of California, where from May through October every year it is HOT…often triple digits…so this gets challenging during these months. Have to go early. But we need these short walks daily, for sunshine, fresh air (such as it […]

Getting real

It’s only fair to share…This is me getting real. Really real. This is the state of my school room/art area currently:  Feel better about your house now? In my defense…we just came out of Halloween/birthday party MADNESS. My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow, so we chose to have her party on Halloween this year, with a Halloween theme. Since she is […]

Gearing up for a good summer!

It’s only fair to share…I’ve been feeling really good lately. Not sure entirely why, except I’ve relaxed about a lot of things. I am doing a more relaxed homeschooling, I’m trying to stay on top of my life responsibilities but at the same time do it in a more relaxed manner (vs running around like a maniac, feeling stressed out […]

A new idea I have!

It’s only fair to share…I share all kinds of great info and links on my Homeschool Realm Facebook Page , and I keep thinking that I should be sharing that info here on my site! Especially since it’s much easier to search a website then a Facebook page. But it’s SOOOO much easier to share on Facebook…so I came up […]

Have you checked out my Facebook Page?

It’s only fair to share…I have been posting fascinating things I find (homeschool related) over on my Facebook Page for some time now…pretty regularly. So if you’ve not checked that out yet, you should! It’s just occurred to me also that there’s a LOT of great resources over there that should also be here on this blog. So I’m trying […]

My blog post was featured on!

It’s only fair to share…How cool is this? They liked my article and asked for permission to reprint it on! What an honor! And since I’ve added to their blogroll, now, I realize I need to get my butt in gear to add more content here more regularly! I’m inspired! I’m going to start with working on getting […]

Time to get webinars going again?

It’s only fair to share…I woke up this morning thinking about the webinars I used to teach to kids, about creating their own websites. I completely dropped the ball on those as I wasn’t getting the kind of response I had hoped for, and coordinating times that worked for the most people was really hard. But this morning I have […]

New links page

It’s only fair to share…Just a heads up that I have [intlink id=”1585″ type=”page”]a new links page[/intlink].  I was just thinking the other day that I am sharing all sorts of valuable info on Facebook/Twitter and not logging it. So I created a new links page to have a place to record valuable links. I haven’t yet had a chance […]

New Facebook link

It’s only fair to share…We now have enough fans of the Homeschool Realm Facebook page, that I’ve been able to get us a more tidy url:  Pass it on! 🙂 It’s only fair to share… Related posts: A new idea I have! This week on Facebook 5/17/14 LINK: The “Tyranny” of Socialization Have you checked out my Facebook Page?

Old book reviews

It’s only fair to share…I have a bunch of picture book reviews from another website I have that I’m planning on starting to add here. I recently revamped my other site and didn’t yet add back these reviews and it occurred to me that they would be great for this website as well. So this is just a heads up […]

How to best share info

It’s only fair to share…Well if anyone is following my latest posts and paid attention to the theme (template) of this site…you may have noticed that I did pick a new theme now. I don’t know that I’ll be sticking with it, but this one isn’t driving me nuts like the other one was with all the issues with the […]

Still getting started here

It’s only fair to share…Just a heads up that I’m still fiddling with things on here and am not happy yet with the format. I’m kind of getting to the point of beating my head against a wall with all the complications of the images that require a lot of tweaking to get them to work in the slideshow AND […]

change in our days

It’s only fair to share…well i am happy to say, thanks to my change in our routine, that my kids are not spending hours and hours every day on the computer. something that i was really feeling was a problem. over time, i managed to gradually wean them from that and now they are at the point that they MIGHT […]

feeling better today

It’s only fair to share…yesterday’s post was the result of feeling overwhelmed. the house falling down around me was part of that. so today i’m determined to attack this house with vigor and clean up our home so that we can have a calm place to live again. it really does make a difference. its dramatic, the stress the mess […]

my happy girl

It’s only fair to share…maeven’s been so happy this weekend because of the new bed and rearranged/new room. i hope she stays happy like this for awhile. she’s been so UNhappy for awhile now that its been making this mommy sad. i think part of it has been summer boredom…not much to do with the heat and mommy having so […]

another hot day

It’s only fair to share…did i mention that our dryer died? well it did, and i recycled it (got a whole $4 for it!) and the search for a new (used) one, began. to make a long story short, i did my research and found some used ones…but…salvation army didn’t have any electric dryers, only gas…we don’t have hookup for […]