another hot day

did i mention that our dryer died? well it did, and i recycled it (got a whole $4 for it!) and the search for a new (used) one, began. to make a long story short, i did my research and found some used ones…but…salvation army didn’t have any electric dryers, only gas…we don’t have hookup for that…and a used place […]

my big brave boy

this monday we had tyren’s second dental work visit. here he is with the gas mask on:isn’t he just stinkin cute? adam says he looks like a little rudolf the red nosed reindeer, LOL! i found it humorous that i named that pic “tyrgas”…get it?….tear-gas? (if you don’t know how to pronounce my son’s name…its TEER, so this is a […]

mama is enjoying her work!

perhaps its because these projects are new…perhaps its because of the specific projects…perhaps its something else that i’ve not realized yet…regardless of the reasons…i’m really excited these days about the projects i’m working on!! i’ve dropped babyfest (still working on handing it over to someone new…waiting for word back from them on that…if they don’t do it, it will just […]

letting go…

i’m finally learning (at least for now) to let go of more things…it feels lately like i’m busy and yet i’m not being pulled in as many directions as i have been usually. that makes no sense. well, trust me, it feels different to me. what have i let go of? well, my websites, sorta. i still have them but […]

perish the thought!

i was just thinking that i’ve not been particularly chatty online lately…not a lot of blogging lately and such. weird, huh? guess i’ve just been busy. because…me? not chatty? perish the thought! LOL! anyway, i’m really engrossed lately in the learning village, as well as the discovery center. i know i’ve mentioned it before, but to recap… the learning village […]

life is changing…

i’m busy, as always…but its a different kind of busy. new things, i think. ok maybe i’m the only one that feels the difference. but there’s a lot going on, and i’m really happy with it all! i’m letting go of babyfest, which i’m more than ready to do. (got a meeting tomorrow evening to meet with a group that […]

so much to do!

and here i am, trying to simplify my life and it continues to get complicated. i’m actually pretty excited about the new things i’m doing though…and i’m happy to move away from some of the things that i’ve done for so long. one is babyfest. i’m happy to hand this off. after this year i felt very much burnt out […]

testing twitter again

i’m still trying to get my twitter feed set up with this blog…so it will post updates to twitter, since i now have it set to forward all my tweets from twitter to facebook…where people actually read them! (i know this only because i’ve had quite a few people respond to my status there, which is now coming directly from […]

my updated weekend list

forgot to update this to show all that i accomplished! it was a pretty productive weekend! mow the back yard–got nearly all of it done, just left a couple small patches, but i kicked butt back there! water back yard–like crazy i did! and even went and pulled out the really thick stemmed weeds from the moist soil…they slid out […]

Proof of a peaceful morning!

It’s true! And I have proof!This morning the kids were busy…Tyren playing Zoo Tycoon on the computer, Maeven reading a book…and I finished the dishes! It’s crazy, I know! I wouldn’t have believed it either, if I hadn’t seen it with my own 2 eyes! Here’s the proof: Notice Ottmar Liebert in the background (not sure if you can hear […]