Country Report




This is the original¬†file that I created for my children to do country reports on the countries the racers visit in the CBS reality tv show “The Amazing Race.”

I now have an updated version of this file available for sale here, for just $4!! This new version is greatly improved upon, with a better map and new content on existing pages in addition to 4 new pages!


It contains these 8 pages:

  1. Dear Adventurer and Parents–info on how to use the file, including many valuable links to resources to use to fill in the file.
  2. Continuation of the info on pg 1
  3. World map for labeling
  4. Flag page
  5. Country comparison page–to compare your country to the country you are studying
  6. Money Page
  7. City comparison page–to compare your city to the capital of the country you are studying
  8. Language page

Enjoy! And I’d love to hear what you think of this file and how you and your children have used it! Drop me an email!

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