Homeschooling with Minecraft

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My kids are serious Minecraft maniacs. As are most in the US today, it seems. I am seeing more and more and more businesses related to Minecraft popping up. Especially of interest to me are the sites that integrate Minecraft with education!

Our favorite is was Minecraft Homeschool. (Which is now GameED Academy.) My kids have been taking took classes there and we LOVE it! loved it but now I won’t pay them money, on principal. See below…

So it’s got me looking for more ideas for using Minecraft and homeschooling….Googling is turning up a lot of ideas!

This page is a place for me to save all the links I’m finding around the net for homeschooling with Minecraft. Enjoy! And if you have any more to add, please leave a comment below!


  • GameED Academy–online classes that I no longer recommend…not because they are not good…they are…but because the owner enforces a dress code that I would deem body shaming for girls. Check out this quote from her:

    “(GamEd Academy) requires all players to wear fully dressed and appropriate skins.No blood is allowed and skins that represent something known to be scary are not allowed.
    All players must have both shirt/top and pants/trousers.
    The main body square must be fully covered; no tank tops and no bellies showing.
    Shorts and skirts are allowed, but there must be at least 5 rows of coverage from the top of the legs down.
    Fun skins like bananas, animals, etc. are fine as long as they are not considered scary and fully cover the body.This is a school environment and as a parent of four little girls and a handsome young man, I personally believe in wholesome dress in real life. I have modeled that belief in our school dress code and am sorry if it offends others with dissimilar beliefs.”

  • Ideas for Minecraft across the curriculum–page of links
  • Skrafty Homeschool Minecraft classes–Online classes
  • Homeschool with Minecraft–Online classes–NO ridiculous body shaming dress code! I checked! (Just no nudity…I can get behind that, LOL!)
  • Minecraft EDU–bringing Minecraft to the classroom



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14 thoughts on “Homeschooling with Minecraft

    1. Seems to have been fixed now. 🙂 All I can think is that at one point their site went down temporarily and it marked it as broken, and it’s sat in the backend waiting for me to double check. Now that I have marked it not broken, it appears to show correctly. 🙂

  1. Hello, I am completely new to the minecraft/coding world for homeschool but I am very interested in it for my 7th grade daughter who loves computers and minecraft. I looked at the recommended GameEd Academy but wondered if you would tell me which would be the best course or program for a 7th grade student. Do you recommend this as a computer type class for the homeschool student? I’m sorry my questions are vague. I am just trying to understand what type of class this would fall under. Thanks for your reply and insight! Much appreciated. 🙂

    1. I actually no longer recommend GamED Academy since I learned they are run by evangelical Christians that enforce a ridiculous dress code on the characters of the game…specifically targeting girls in what I would deem body shaming, outlawing tank tops and enforcing a strict ruling on the length of skirts. On blocky images! Completely ludicrous in this type of a game, in my opinion, and not something I want my children exposed to.

      1. Wow, good to know! We tried gamedacademy once last year, with in 5 minutes my son was tired of the boring video. Good thing we got a refund and didn’t go back. If they are evangelical Christians, then that means religion will be sneaked into their classes and I don’t want that! We are going to be using homeschool with minecraft website… Do you know if they are Christian based?

        1. It is not Christian based. Whether the owners are Christian or not, I don’t know, but after the GamED Academy debacle, I asked her specifically some questions and got this response: “I include no religious content, except for Story of the World. Story of the World is a Christian based History curriculum. So there is references in there. I also present both a secular and Biblical view on dinosaurs in the Magic Tree House dinosaurs class. I tried to present both views out of respect for both ways of thinking.” She also doesn’t care about skins other than straight up nudity, she says. So no body shaming.

          I can say that my kids participated briefly in one of her self directed classes (each) and weren’t hugely impressed. Though it was ONE class each, and probably not representative of what she offers as a whole…so we will be giving her more of a chance. She definitely doesn’t have the same level of quality as GamED Academy…but I could be ok with that if it’s “good enough” and I’m not supporting something that goes against my values.

  2. Youth Digital offer a great Minecraft mod design online course. Highly recommended! We got a greatbdiscount througg Homeschool Co-op website.

  3. Which minecraft are you using for homeschool? I purchased Minecraft Pocket Edition, however, it is not at all what I thought it would be. I think I may have purchased the wrong edition.

      1. When you order the PC version is it for only one person? Or is it like the xbox version where multiple people can have a profile? I have 4 kids and that could get expensive.

  4. Hi we’ve just started on GamED Academy and finding it really good so far – the vids are a bit patronising but we’re getting used to them and the info is sinking in. The dress code applies to boys as well as girls, so I don’t feel that it’s body shaming girls in particular – though I’m not that in favour of any ‘uniform’ whatsoever over self expression. The Science class so far includes digging for fossils and bones and nothing Creationist…as yet….will be keeping en eye out for anything evangelical snuck in though!

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