Welcome to Noodle Homeschool


Hi! My name is Tina and WELCOME TO NOODLE HOMESCHOOL! (Or "Noodle Homeschoodle", as our family lovingly refers to it).

Self-directed, "Experience-Based" Online Learning!

The Noodle Homeschool courses are designed for a variety of ages of children. They also are deliberately made such that children will work their way through them on their own, with minimal preparation and guidance from an adult. Of course, the ability to read is crucial to these lessons being self-guided, but younger children can still get much out of the lessons with an adult sitting with them and reading to them and guiding them more closely. 

The Noodle Homeschool courses can work as a supplement to most any homeschool method, or as a stand-alone for those going for relaxed learning using the Experience-Based Learning method...or not! It's really flexible! Use it however you like!

I like to think that my courses will help add some fun learning to your homeschooling, no matter what your method of homeschooling!

For more information on Noodle Homeschool courses in general, visit the FAQ page.

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(For The Amazing Race course....click on "Homeschooling with The Amazing Race 26" to read the info.)