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Learn about world cultures while following
the fun reality tv show,

The Amazing Race!!

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$30/child for an entire season!

Try out the "Sample Japan" course (click the "log in as guest" button first)

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And the best part.....

I've done the work for you!!

I've pulled together all the resources and activities into an online, self-directed format that is great for a wide variety of ages!


Quotes from moms with children in the Amazing Race 26 class: 

"We just started the course and I wanted to effusively thank and praise you for the tremendous job you have done on this. This is what I dream of all aspects of our homeschooling to be like and I just don't have the time and presence of mind to put it all together.  I love that it starts with a spine and then uses all sorts of resources to go off on a tangent and meander.  You have really brought your experience and knowledge and web-expertise to this program and it is an inspiration to me. 

I think it would be brilliant to do this with many other topics/shows/subjects."  --T.A.L. 

"I love how much time it saves me. It lets me teach my daughter Internet skills without having to pre-search everything to screen for age appropriate content. It's also got a lot of great content for kids that don't like to do a lot of writing or get tired of dry textbooks."  --L.C.

"The classes don't feel like a chore. They are something I WANT to do, especially after watching the show."  --T.S.

"My kids really enjoy the class.  I always make them do the things they enjoy less first, and they are always trying to do their Amazing Race stuff first.  :-) "  --K.L.

amazing raceThe Amazing Race
 is an awesome show to watch as a family!
 It's a CBS reality tv show where teams race around the world, competing in a variety of physical challenges, many of which are based on traditional (or modern) practices of the countries they are currently in. It's so much fun to root on your favorite teams, learn about other cultures, and see what life looks like in other countries.

amazing right

Noodle Homeschool provides online supplemental learning to go along with each episode of The Amazing Race! And because CBS posts full episodes of this show online after it's aired, you can watch them any time! 
No need for cable! All you need is a computer and internet connection! 


Let me take a little of your homeschool work off your hands! 

I've done the work for you, so you can enjoy the activities WITH your kids!
(Or, take a much needed break!)

Try out the "Sample Japan" course (click the "log in as guest" button first)
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Classes are self-directed, "Experience-Based" Learning for children of all ages...which means they are set up for the children to do their learning with little or no adult setup and help and classes are divided into "stations" that emphasize different learning experiences: watch, listen, read, write, play and create.


Interactive online lessons as well as printables and instructions for offline learning are provided on topics related to each country the Race visits.


Examples from Season 26:

*Make a Dutch windmill

*Watch videos on traditional German dancing

*Watch videos on the Thai festival "Loi Krathong"

*Make yuca fries from Peru!

Learn to speak a few words in Afrikaans, using Google Translate

*Watch videos of life in Namibia

cherry blossom painting*Paint Japanese cherry blossoms

*Listen to traditional and modern Thai music

*Using Google Maps, find how far it is from the capital of The Netherlands to your home

*Explore kid-friendly websites about each country

khon mask*Make Thai Khon masks

*Learn how to play the traditional Japanese game "Jan-ken Po"

*Make homemade German pretzels

*Print a library book list of books on a variety of topics for each country

And so much more!

All activities and resources are fully explained with appropriate web links, screenshots and embedded videos. Activities are also designed to draw the child's interest in and encourage active learning and exploration.


BONUS!! --Along the way, children are guided through internet searches and taught how to use online resources like Google Maps and Google Translate.


Lessons and resources are all organized on an online system, which provides a means to gather all instructions, assignments and resources in one convenient and user-friendly location which even elementary aged children (as long as they can read) can easily find their way around in.

Students log into the system, receive all their instructions and links, watch videos, submit answers to questions, and download printables for offline projects from within the system. Parents can access (and print) the work their children have been uploading, via their child's account.


To take a peek at what sort of activities are in a Noodle Homeschool Amazing Race course....Try out the "Sample Japan" course (click the "log in as guest" button first), that will give you a free peek at much of what actually exists in the AR Japan course!


If you're ready to come check out The Amazing Race course at Homeschool Noodle for a super fun, interactive, unique way to learn geography and cultures...

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Options for watching The Amazing Race

During a season's airing: 

CBS--either on your tv...or, after airing (but still during the season), you can watch it streaming on the Amazing Race section of their website (unfortunately they do still have commercials in their streaming).

(*Please note: Once a season has ended, you will need an "All Access" account on CBS to be able to access seasons on This is very affordable, however, at just $5.99/month, you get access to everything. I am not affiliated with CBS in any way and get nothing if you join...Just sharing the info. :)  

After a season has ended:

  • CBS All Access--This is the best option, and the cheapest. They offer ALL seasons, even the latest and current, and they are the least expensive membership at just $5.99 at the writing of this. (Although the other memberships do, admittedly, offer a bigger library...but looking at just Amazing Race, this is the best option.)
  • Amazon-- Amazon Prime does provide previous seasons. However, they usually are a couple seasons behind in providing free access to seasons to their Prime members, unfortunately. But it's worth checking into if you're a Prime member.
  • Hulu--Hulu's members have access to previous seasons, though they appear to also be a season or 2 behind, as Amazon Prime members.
  • Amazing Race YouTube Channel--Episodes are for rent on the Amazing Race channel on YouTube.
  • YouTube search--These are videos that are not official (in other words, pirated, so I do not recommend this route personally). They are not often high quality and they are not always easy to find in order, but there are many available.  
  • Your local library--Many libraries have past Amazing Race seasons available on dvd.