How do I plan for a new school year?

How do I plan for a new school year?

  And more specifically….how do I plan for a new school year that I will be using Experience-Based Learning (aka “EBL”)?? Excellent question….I’m still actually figuring this out myself. Every year…no joke…my planning and prepping changes. Someday maybe I’ll get a system that works well enough to not have to tweak regularly…but I’m not there yet. At least I’m at the […]

A-Ha Moment!

So, I’m re-listening to the book “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids” by Dr. Laura Markham right now….I ran out of audiobooks to listen to, and I thought now would be a good time to re-listen to this seriously EXCELLENT book that was just life changing for me…but it was starting to fade from my memory and I needed a reminder as […]

Depression sucks

Seriously. I don’t like this feeling. I rarely feel like this, and I imagine it’s brought on by that time of the month, so it should be temporary. But I just do not do well with this icky feeling. I am starting to really get an idea how hard it must be to be someone who deals with these emotions […]

Apparently I’m not a good parent

Maeven was being goofy, pretending to be stuck under Tyr’s mattress on the floor…saying “HEEEEELP….Mom, help!” I was texting a friend and ignoring her temporarily…knowing she wasn’t actually stuck…so Maeven says: “Heeeeelp….Mom, heeeeeeeelp. You’renotaverygoodparent” (as a sort of aside)…then…”Heeeeeeeeelp”.  Lol. Dork. I’m surrounded by dorks. Related posts: my funny little girl emotional wreck Prepare to see defeat! can i just […]

Education is a mindset

Not sure where this train of thought will take me…but I woke up today and immediately got on Facebook, as I always do, and got into a conversation on Facebook that made me think… The conversation content isn’t entirely relevant because my thinking went into a different direction, as often happens, and got me thinking about why I have the […]

Can’t hear you!

LOL!! My 9yr old just told me “I’m not here, so I can’t hear you!” when I was saying it’s 9 o’clock, time to start getting ready for bed. I said “Oh REALLY?” and he said “Just go with it.” True story. LOL Related posts: BOOK REVIEW: The Family Bed husband on strike orders arrived Bedtime frisbee throwing

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, episode 5

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, episode 5

  (Volume 1, episode 5 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones) View on Amazon Prime Indy in the Classroom Link Setting: India and China Topics: Discussion of major world religious beliefs, God, spirituality, Chinese culture, traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture. Historical characters this episode:  Jiddu Krishnamurti, Annie Besant, Yen Fu This episode was a lot deeper than any other so far. I really […]