OK so i suck, LOL

i’m not so good at this blog stuff…i am real good at writing to my egroups and my own personal journal, but can’t seem to find the time for this darn thing. lol. well i’m going to start trying again…let’s see… i’m pregnant again. after losing baelin last april, this pregnancy happening again so soon after losing my son at […]

update on life at the smith’s

life has been hectic around here…i usually forget i even have a blog. well, i guess i should update this. so my website www.mommychats.com is coming along nicely…and the partnership with mothering magazine (www.mothering.com) is slated to kick off sept 1. so i need to figure out the darn banner rotation program i have! i am going to be charging […]

well i’m obsessive

so i haven’t been posting being i’m not happy with the graphics…is that anal or what? i can’t post my daily thoughts because my blog isn’t pretty enough! WAH! lol! i have someone who’s supposed to be helping me create a pretty blog but i can’t get her to respond to my emails now. she started the process…but now that […]

New Tricks

Animated Emoticons [img]http://www.websmileys.com/sm/happy/042.gif[/img] well that’s pretty cool…i just found this great new trick! adding smileys! woohoo! i’m slowly getting this… [img]http://www.websmileys.com/sm/happy/050.gif[/img] [image]http://users.pandora.be/eforum/emoticons4u/crazy/1087.gif[/image] it doesn’t seem to be working though…argh! Related posts: 50 States booklist discovered! hilarious pic its here! its here!! The 2013 Great Summer Purge and Clean, Week 2: Living Room

aaaaaaah, i caught the bug!

ok, i really need another hobby like i need a hole in the head…argh! i have caught this blog bug now and i don’t know how i’m going to squeeze in the time! now i’m obsessed with finding just the right page design. not happy with these sunflowers. they’ll do for now, but i continue to pour over templates and […]

so here i go…

a-blogging i will go, a-blogging i will go…. ok so here i am in the land of blog. people who know me will think i fit right in. i like to talk. and talk and talk. typing is just as easy actually…so typing and talking on a pretty themed page. i can go for this! lol. first things first…i need […]