goals for the year

It’s only fair to share…i don’t have this fully figured out yet…but i thought i’d start putting down what i do already know. FOR MATH–my goal is to have the entire rightstart math level B book done by the end of december. this is because i found out late in the game that level A is considered (loosely) kindergarten level […]

2nd day a success!

It’s only fair to share…we actually did quite a lot today. it went pretty well, although for some reason…despite having things to do, the kids continue to bicker like crazy and are driving ME crazy with it! *sigh* now i understand why mom would sometimes knock my brother and my heads together to get us to stop fighting. LOL! (no, […]

ordered spelling curriculum

It’s only fair to share…so i finally decided upon “sequential spelling” by avko…the side-by-side comparison of traditional spelling vs sequential is what sold me…that and that it was recommended by so many fellow homeschoolers. and its cheap!  $9.95 for each level.  sounds good to me! we’ll give it a try and see how it goes!! i also ordered all the […]

orders arrived

It’s only fair to share…our math lesson book (and a couple extra manipulatives that we didn’t yet have from the last kit that i added to the order) came in as well as the story of the world audiobook. i haven’t had a chance to really look at the book yet, but we’ve been listening to the cd. we already […]

gearing up

It’s only fair to share…well i’m just starting, so it’s not super impressive yet…but here’s what i’ve started, in order to gear up for another year of homeschooling… this week i ordered the next level of right start math for maeven. (level b) we had been doing level a, but it really was too slow moving and she was getting […]