BOOK SERIES REVIEW: Great geography & culture book series: A Child’s Day

It’s only fair to share…Found this book at the library while researching books on China to use with this idea of Homeschooling with The Amazing Race, as discussed in our podcast episode #19.   This series is full of beautifully done photo picture books depicting a child from a foreign (as in, non-American) city/village. Each book is a different child […]

BOOK REVIEW: Many Creatures, A Song about Animal Classifications

It’s only fair to share…This is a cute little picture book that details all the animal classifications: mammals, amphibians, fish, birds, reptiles, and insects…to the tune of “Clementine.” There’s even a website that you can download the song for free off of: (among others). Cute pics, cute song, cute book! Check it out! It’s only fair to share… Related […]