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An open letter to religious homeschool resource creators

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Hi! You don’t know me from Adam (LOL!) But I just wanted to take a second to put a bug in the ear of all the bloggers, podcasters, Scopers (that’s the people making broadcasts on the new Periscope app), curriculum developers, authors, etc  out there that are producing resources in this booming industry for homeschoolers.

I have a request.

My request is for you to think about us secular homeschoolers.

It’s not a requirement…or a demand…hence the word “request.”

Myself and the many many other non-religious homeschoolers out there would like those of you out there that are open to this (NOT expecting  everyone!) to think about us. Specifically, think about including us in your audience by leaving religion out of your content.

There’s a zillion religious homeschool content creators already out there…how about you do something different and go nonreligious so you can include more of us?

Now…before you get upset with me and feel your beliefs are under attack…I am NOT suggesting you give up or even slacken YOUR beliefs.

Nor am I suggesting that ALL homeschool resources should be religion free. NO.

That would be unfair and unreasonable. Of course you are entitled to your beliefs and your beliefs absolutely will and should shine through in your content. I am not suggesting otherwise.

And of course there is a huge audience for religious content. That won’t change.

What I am suggesting is that for those of you that are concerned, truly, with being “inclusive”…and I mean inclusive in the dictionary sense…not in the sense that I have overheard more than one religious group suggest means to include non-believers so that you can “share the Word” (which essentially means sneak attack/ambush people, because you really had no intention of respecting their beliefs…your intent was always to convert them to your way of thinking. Nothing “inclusive” in that, that’s just sneaky and many of us are not interested in being converted. What then?)

I mean TRULY inclusive, where you would like to include and share homeschool resources with all.

Then please think about providing more non-religious content so that ALL homeschoolers may benefit from it. 

Leave out the scriptural references, and the constant references to God and prayer.

Obviously, if your entire curriculum, blog, podcast, etc is based around this, this won’t work for you….and I’m not asking you to completely change.  Realize that your audience is probably just believers like you, but that’s totally fine.

I’m talking to those of you that have a lot of what could easily be secular, non-religious content that just would take a little tweaking to make it so. To those of you open to this idea, think about just not using those religious references and instead open up your audience more. And in so doing, you’ll be providing so much to those of us that, in comparison to what’s available for religious homeschoolers, have so little provided to us currently in the homeschool world.

I see posts daily. Literally daily. Posted by secular moms begging for references to secular resources. There’s some out there, and some of it is really good…but there’s just not enough. WE NEED MORE.  So think about it.

And at the very least, give a heads up on religious content in materials reviewed for those that may wish to avoid it. Thats just being thoughtful. We appreciate that.

Because secular homeschoolers are on the rise. And while religious homeschooling may still be the majority…at the rate things are going in America, with more and more families becoming dissatisfied with the public education system, I expect that secular homeschooler’s numbers will continue to climb exponentially annually. It already is THE fastest growing population of homeschoolers currently and I don’t see that changing.

And yet the vast majority of resources out there are still aimed at religious homeschoolers and we secular homeschoolers continue to find ourselves having to wade through so much to find something we can use and share with our kids. Often things that are not specifically labelled as religious, turn out to be surprisingly so! This is extremely frustrating, and when time is very limited, wasting time is just as bad as wasting money.

So if you want to really stand out…make your content secular. Even if you, yourself, are not. Because then you’ll hit a bigger audience. 

And believe me, the secular homeschool community is big on sharing when new secular content is made available. We WILL share you! And there’s a LOT of us. Not as many as you…but we are many, and growing.

Judging just by how often we get comments on our secular homeschool podcast, the Savvy Homeschool Moms, there’s definitely a need and people are desperate for something different.

There’s already tons of religious homeschool content creators.

Be different. Include US. 

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