what we’ve been up to

It’s only fair to share…we’ve finally gotten the learning village off the ground and running, and i’m quite proud of how things have been going! here’s what we did in february: feb 11–valentine’s day party feb 17–1st origami club meeting feb 23–1st bird walk feb 25–savemart center tour and in march, things picked up even more: mar 4–art lab mar […]

no-forced learning, aka unschooling

It’s only fair to share…i posted this a couple days ago at my main blog, and realized i should have posted it here, on my homeschooling blog. oh well, its both places now. 🙂 ———————————————– i’ve been doing a LOT of thinking about education again since listening to some radio shows about it…i’ve mentioned them in a few posts recently, […]