The GREAT Summer Purge and Clean!!

The Great Summer Purge & Clean, by Homeschool Realm

I started The Great Summer Purge and Clean the summer of 2013, out of desperation. I just couldn’t take my cluttered and messy house anymore!!

As a homeschool family, much of our home-based learning is dependent upon an organized and at least somewhat tidy home. Since our family follows the traditional school year and take a break during summer (because *I* need a break!!) I knew that I would have a nice long break from homeschooling … and that if I organized and planned it out well, I could get through the entire house and get a LOT accomplished!

And thus was born “The Great Summer Purge and Clean”!

The first year, I did the purge by myself…but I posted regular updates (at least until I petered out near the end) on and received comments and emails from people that told me that I was inspiring them!

The 2nd year….I thought…Let’s do a group Purge! Maybe by having more people involved, we can inspire each other…and I could learn some neat ideas from others!

So I opened up the Purge and Clean to others, and I’ve been doing that ever since!

I welcome you to join me!

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