you bweaked it, daddy!

tyren saw adam put the leaf down on the kitchen table for the first time just now, clean the crevice. tyren was HORRIFIED and angry that daddy “broke” the table…gave adam a very stern and angry face and said “you BWEAKED it, Daddy!!!” (translation…you broke it). adam and i were cracking up. TOO FUNNY! and this right after he dumped […]

i started a new blog

that’s right…like i need another blog…i have one for each of my kids (including baelin)…which never get written in. sigh hardly have time for mine! and can’t get maeven to write anything in hers lately. anyway i created a fresno family blog, which will eventually replace my news box on the homepage. but now i’m having a dickens of a […]


a couple mornings ago tyren woke up, rolled over (we hadn’t yet opened our eyes yet that i knew of…i was still laying there next to him in bed, hadn’t even attempted to open my eyes yet) and said —“HI SuperMommy!!” no lie. no idea where that came from, but my son just woke up one morning and decided i […]

stupid people

i really REALLY hate stupidity. really. so i find this thread particularly amusing and horrifying at the same time simply because of all the stupid people in the world that say those kind of things to moms. unbelievable! makes me want to go find them and SHAKE them! particularly the ones who are just nasty to the new moms! i […]

the SCICON i want to share

i’ve been doing a lot of thinking about SCICON since the pizza man song incident…and watching the video…so now i’m thinking about what about SCICON i want my children to experience… lets start from the beginning of a typical 6th grader’s experience of SCICON…mondays… lets see…arrive via bus at SCICON and an intern takes your class on an orientation walk […]

SCICON memories

i recently was singing the song “pizza man” to maeven and tyren and it made me get out the SCICON video (the video which brought adam and i together…we met because he came to SCICON while i was working there, to make this video) to show them their mommy on stage at campfire, singing that song with my friends for […]