Song of the Week: Auld Lang Syne

Woops! I neglected to post a song of the week yet!! Sorry about that! Could there be any other song for this week? Here’s a good video for learning this song, including the lyrics: [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″/] You could also use their website, which plays a line and has you repeat for the whole song! Pretty cool! Not the […]

its here! its here!!

space station arrived today. 2 days AFTER xmas. never did hear back from the company after my last particularly pissy email. as far as he was concerned, he didn’t know if my 3yr old had anything to open on xmas or not! nor did he (obviously) care! well he did have something to open, because i shuffled some gifts around. […]

the “real” xmas

i just realized i talked about the stress of xmas, the prep and the roof caving in…but didn’t really detail how our actual family time went… so here goes… let’s see…normally we do xmas eve at adam’s dad’s house (his parents are divorced), and then to church with my family….then xmas day usually is here at our home for the […]

digital photo printing

today i’m doing some serious research on the cost of printing my digital prints. i know i spent WAY more than i needed to, to print it myself (and just a lot of work!)…so i’m going to do some research right now and put it all here, for future reference, and in case anyone else is interested…ok so here goes…i’ll […]

xmas part 2

here’s the rest of our 2008 xmas story…copied/pasted from an IM conversation i had today with my friend beckie…i’m sunflowermom30…i didn’t feel like typing it all again, LOL!!…._______________________________________________[22:15] sunflowermom30: hey, well, ummmm…our ceiling fell down in the big room yesterday, LOL![22:15] beckie_s: OH NO!![22:15] beckie_s: from the rain??[22:15] sunflowermom30: i’ll match your stress and raise you, LOL!!![22:15] sunflowermom30: no, we […]

made it through another xmas!

and had a good time! i just hate all the stress surrounding this holiday. all the money stress leading up to it and all the stress over getting gifts and for me, this year, all the stress of finishing planned homemade gifts! this always happens…i always think things are going to take less time then they actually take. sigh from […]

more reminiscing…

i’m going to change the subject from my current life for a bit…i have had a lot of opportunities to do some major reminiscing lately, due to reconnecting with old friends of high school and college days… recently i’ve been thinking here and there about past relationships i had and the kindness or lack there of of the guys from […]

stay away from elgo bay

i had a whole lot of ANGER recently over tyren’s xmas gift…long story, but i’ll try to shorten it. (key word, “try”) i ordered a space station toy for tyr at elgo bay on monday the 15th. i put in the notes of the order that i needed this in time for xmas. (1st time i told them) didn’t create […]

sorta almost ready for xmas

things are getting less stressful, i think…we are sloooooowly getting stuff done (although my kids have been fighting nonstop, which makes mommy a beast to be around and growling and yelling seems to be the only way i am capable of communicating these days, sigh) and adam just agreed to work new year’s eve and day and some other days…a […]

what’s in that flu shot?

this is a pretty humorous (yet, surprisingly factual) look at what’s in the flu shot: and here’s some more info. i’ve learned alot from dr randal neustaedter, check out his website here. he’s written a fantastic guide called the vaccine guide, which i have and have read most of.and here’s a very interesting article on his website about the damage […]

really fed up

if one more person says to me “don’t we all need cash?” or “times are hard for everyone” or something along those lines…i’m gonna go ballistic on them! i’m so tired of telling someone about how i’m doing something because we need cash bad or times are hard or whatever, just to be dismissed with “everyone’s got it bad” or […]


oh my god, i was just unloading on an online friend (via IM), and for some reason came up with the word “momraderie”, which of course made this ADD brain of mine (always going in fast circles) google the word and look at this just BEAUTIFUL article i found!! sniff sniff i’m SO choked up over how true it is!!

curly top

check out my boy’s curls:everywhere we go EVERYONE comments on his curls! everyone says how cute they are, how they love them, call him “curly” and other such nicknames…so funny! i mean EVERYONE! its insane how much people notice his curls and have to comment on them! actually its very similar to how many people used to always comment on […]