new “school year”

well i obviously have seriously sucked at blogging here about all things homeschooling. we have gone in a more unschooling direction and i have just gotten lax about everything. but i have a husband that doesn’t understand or agree with unschooling, and a nagging voice in my head that makes unschooling difficult for me, so i’m taking up some more […]

my poor sick baby girl

well those of you that read my twitter or facebook feeds, already know about the drama of the past 4 days. but i thought i’d blog about it anyway, cuz i feel like writing out the whole story. so maeven started complaining about a sore throat the end of last week…maybe friday or saturday, don’t remember exactly. by sunday she […]

my new favorite song

(and my new favorite musical scene from a movie!) here’s the video (from the movie “enchanted”…great movie, by the way!) and here’s the lyrics: Giselle: How does she know you love her? How does she know she’s yours? Man: How does she know that you love her? Giselle: How do you show her you love her? Both: How does she […]