feeling better today

yesterday’s post was the result of feeling overwhelmed. the house falling down around me was part of that. so today i’m determined to attack this house with vigor and clean up our home so that we can have a calm place to live again. it really does make a difference. its dramatic, the stress the mess induces in me. i’m […]

very frustrated

i need to get these fliers out about “move it, dig it, do it”, and usually i ask the moms on the local moms groups to help me, and they usually come through like gang busters. but i’ve not had a single mom pick any up yet, or even say they would. 🙁 and normally i would say, ok, no […]

We’re rockin’ at math!

OK, I obviously really suck at blogging here lately. I dropped off the song of the week thing, I haven’t posted regularly in forever, and I just don’t even remember I have this blog frankly. I do still blog at my main blog, if anyone’s interested. Anyway, I still do believe strongly in unschooling, but I’m facing a little reality […]