2 Sites w/Regular Free Stuff for Homeschoolers!

Do you know about this fabulous website: HomeschoolFreebieoftheDay.com gives away a free educational file every weekday! I’ve gotten quite a lot of really interesting files (audiobooks, pdf files of lesson plans, articles, stories, ebooks, etc) from them over the years. I don’t always use them right away, but my homeschool folder on my computer grows all the time from files […]

A little party song to get your day hoppin!

I just LOVE this song! Just looked up the video for the first time and my kids and I had fun dancing around the room and watching it. It made me think how fun our lives can be. Especially as homeschoolers, without all the chains of public education. In fact, here’s a challenge…someone should take this song and change it […]


let me preface this to say i’m not writing about anyone in particular here except myself. this is just me, talking out loud to myself and sharing my thoughts today with anyone interested in reading them. today, as with every day nowadays, i got up at 6:30am and headed out for my walk, plugged in to my mp3 player. i […]

MUSIC REVIEW: Stevesongs–Marvelous Day

MUSIC REVIEW: Stevesongs–Marvelous Day

[amazon_link asins=’B000GFLE7M’ template=’CopyOf-ProductAd’ store=’homeschoolrealm-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’912f8cfc-314f-11e8-8624-853eecd98463′] As I write this I’m listening to this fabulous cd for the first time in awhile and I’m enjoying it like a kid! Seriously, when I’m having a less than stellar day, I can listen to the title song “Marvelous Day” and find my happy place and suddenly the day isn’t so gloomy looking […]

Army Incentive for Homeschoolers

Just had this link shared with me by my brother. Thanks, bro! Good info, for future Army recruits! 🙂 Exerpt: “The Army now offers home school graduates who qualify the same enlistment incentives as traditional high school graduates, including cash bonuses up to $40,000 for enlistments of three or more years and the Army College Fund, which provides over $83,000 […]


I can’t believe I never read this book as a child. I would have loved it! I recently finished reading this book to my 9yr old and both agreed it was a great book! A little boy befriends and tames a brown bear in Alaska, before its statehood. The small town in which they live is less than keen on […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Tail of Emily Windsnap

My daughter and I just loved this story about a little girl (Emily) that finds out she is half mermaid. Her mother is phobic about water and doesn’t allow her daughter to ever enter the water even though they live on a houseboat surrounded by water! When she finally does experience being submerged in water Emily finds out that it […]