MOVIE REVIEW: Iron Jawed Angels

Let me first say this is NOT a movie for young children. There IS violence in it. And it is difficult to watch at times. Even for me. But I think its an important movie for all American women, and young women, to see. So I highly recommend that you, the parent, watch the movie first, and then use your […]

New links page

Just a heads up that I have [intlink id=”1585″ type=”page”]a new links page[/intlink].  I was just thinking the other day that I am sharing all sorts of valuable info on Facebook/Twitter and not logging it. So I created a new links page to have a place to record valuable links. I haven’t yet had a chance to go back into […]

Math Without Words

Have you heard about “Math Without Words”??  I haven’t yet had a chance to buy this and check it out, but I am really interested in it just by what I saw on this blogpost. Check that review out to see example pages. This book is currently only available on Lulu, as far as I can tell. These are the […]

Great quote about learning context

Listening to “Relaxed Homeskool” podcast #14 from iTunes. Great quote from guest: “Basics used to mean reading, writing and arithmetic. Now basics are assumed to mean a lot more stuff…Essentially the K-12 curriculum. And basics are important but taken out of context, students don’t retain basics that are taught to them. It’s a basic principle that if you don’t have […]

Have you heard of “Finger Math”?

I have heard of it but never learned anything about it til today. I was listening to a podcast by “The Relaxed Homeskool” (found on iTunes, show #15) and heard her guest, Kathy Wentz, describing the method but couldn’t visualize it properly. So, being a very visual person, I went to YouTube and found this video: Wow! There’s a ton […]