APP REVIEW: iPhone Apps and rewards

*edited to add links and extra photos…don’t seem to have that ability to do easily in the iphone app mentioned below.* Getting an iPhone has really helped change some things in my life. But since I know not everyone can afford one (not really sure we can either, actually), I will try not to spend too much time on posts […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Iron Jawed Angels

Let me first say this is NOT a movie for young children. There IS violence in it. And it is difficult to watch at times. Even for me. But I think its an important movie for all American women, and young women, to see. So I highly recommend that you, the parent, watch the movie first, and then use your […]

New links page

Just a heads up that I have [intlink id=”1585″ type=”page”]a new links page[/intlink].  I was just thinking the other day that I am sharing all sorts of valuable info on Facebook/Twitter and not logging it. So I created a new links page to have a place to record valuable links. I haven’t yet had a chance to go back into […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Dust Bowl Through the Lens

I just finished reading this book cover to cover. I never really knew about The Dust Bowl and all that happened. Stumbled upon this book in the children’s nonfiction section at the library and found it absolutely fascinating! It really made it very clear to me about this period of history and the “Okies.” (My husband’s grandparents were self proclaimed […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Buffalo are Back

This book is just stunning. Stunning pictures, stunning story. It is just beautiful overall! This is a fabulous nonfiction picture book that has gorgeous pictures and tells the tale of the American buffalo. It tells how life was before the Europeans arrive, when they lived in harmony with the natives of this land…to how their lives and numbers changed after […]

Math Without Words

Have you heard about “Math Without Words”??  I haven’t yet had a chance to buy this and check it out, but I am really interested in it just by what I saw on this blogpost. Check that review out to see example pages. This book is currently only available on Lulu, as far as I can tell. These are the […]

Great quote about learning context

Listening to “Relaxed Homeskool” podcast #14 from iTunes. Great quote from guest: “Basics used to mean reading, writing and arithmetic. Now basics are assumed to mean a lot more stuff…Essentially the K-12 curriculum. And basics are important but taken out of context, students don’t retain basics that are taught to them. It’s a basic principle that if you don’t have […]

Have you heard of “Finger Math”?

I have heard of it but never learned anything about it til today. I was listening to a podcast by “The Relaxed Homeskool” (found on iTunes, show #15) and heard her guest, Kathy Wentz, describing the method but couldn’t visualize it properly. So, being a very visual person, I went to YouTube and found this video: Wow! There’s a ton […]