Make a rain gauge out of a soda bottle

So I’m working on geography with my 6yr old, using a method that is supposed to be something Charlotte Mason would have approved of (it came out of the core book that I bought from a website that, sadly, no longer exists)…and we need a rain gauge. So I thought it would be great to make one ourselves. And we […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Peaceful Classroom

This is a curriculum book that no preschool teacher (or homeschooler) should be without! Each activity even includes what center it could be used at! (Circle time, Art area, etc.) It lists words that you can introduce to the children through the activity, as well as what to do, what you need, what to do for more, & involving parents! […]

The “Exchange Change” Game

Here’s a great game for helping children learn about the value of coins. I’ve successfully used this with my daughter in the past (she’s now nearly 11), and now with my 6yr old son. I wrote out the instructions on an index card and saved it and all the coins mentioned in the instructions in a zipper bag with one […]

Update on the Smith Family

Just wanted to pop over here and write a quick post to update everyone on our homeschool experiences. This year, as mentioned in a previous post, we decided to try out a local homeschool charter. Let me tell you…this has been the BEST decision I have EVER made in regards to homeschooling! Its been everything I’ve ever needed/wanted, and then […]


SCIENCE: Virtual field trip at Fresno Pacific University, to Crystal Cove: Virtual field trip to Crystal Cove (ranger on beach, talking about tide pool life.) LANGUAGE ARTS: Teach Your Child to Read, Lesson #33             Handwriting Without Tears (K), Pgs 30-33           MATH: Right Start Math, Level B, Lesson # 13 […]


SCIENCE: Attended a virtual field trip at Fresno Pacific University, to Crystal Cove State Park: Ranger on beach, talking about tide pool life. LANGUAGE ARTS: Sequential Spelling 1, #48 Heard more of [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:043935806X” templatenumber=”1″]           Writing Strands 2, #2-1 D’Nealian wkbk p. 16 MATH: Teaching Textbooks 3, #36-38


LANGUAGE ARTS: Sequential Spelling 1, #47               Heard more of: [amazon_link asins=’0439358078′ template=’CopyOf-ProductAd’ store=’homeschoolrealm-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’620be0de-3120-11e8-bf2e-55a9d2add570′]                 Finished reading: [amazon_link asins=’1599903806′ template=’CopyOf-ProductAd’ store=’homeschoolrealm-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c83ff8a2-3120-11e8-8c07-dba231008281′]               MATH: Teaching Textbooks 3, #35 & quiz Played “Junior Labyrinth:         SOCIAL […]


MATH: Right Start Math, Level B, #12 Don’t you wish you could do all YOUR work in your underwear? 🙂  Played the “Exchange Change” game: LANGUAGE ARTS: Handwriting Without Tears, Kindergarten, pgs 28 & 29 Getting creative with his writing lessons. (drawing faces in the o’s) Played “Junior Labyrinth” with big sister, Maeven”:


LANGUAGE ARTS: Sequential Spelling 1, #45 & 46 Writing Strands 2, #1-3 & 1-4 D’Nealian p. 15 Heard more of Harry Potter 6 MATH: Teaching Textbooks 3, #33 & 34 SOCIAL STUDIES: [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0195095065″ templatenumber=”1″]Bk 1, Ch 20 & 21


SOCIAL STUDIES: [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0195095065″ templatenumber=”1″] Bk 1, Ch 18 & 19       LANGUAGE ARTS: Sequential Spelling 1, #43 & 44 Heard more of Harry Potter 6 Read more of “Wings” SCIENCE: Played Minecraft Played Legos HOME ECONOMICS: Shopped for Halloween costume fabric & materials