2012 Summer Olympic opening ceremonies!

We’re getting ready to watch in just under an hour! I’m so excited! Was sharing some videos and links on my Facebook and Twitter pages (which you really should be following if you don’t want to miss out on anything from Homeschool Realm! Because often its a lot easier to just post over there than to make a whole new […]

Working on planning school year

Yesterday I spent all day on this and will probably do the same today. I’m sorting out what to use for next year…As I think I’ve mentioned before, I really like the idea of using a history book as a spine (guideline) and add in other books to supplement not just the history, but also to add in the music/musicians, […]

Get ready, get set…

Spent a lot of time recently researching ideas for making homeschooling fun, since it was a topic we decided to discuss in the latest episode of our Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast…which has got me thinking a lot on this topic of “fun” in homeschooling.   It’s always been my intention to homeschool in a fun way. I just have lost […]

The Birthday Fairy

I just realized (HOW is this possible??) that I’ve never written in great detail about this very special tradition we have in our family that started when Maeven was 2  (in 2002). The Birthday Fairy! Shortly before Maeven’s 2nd birthday I learned about the Birthday Fairy. I explained to Maeven (as best as I could to a toddler) that Mommy […]