2018 GSPAC – Zone 1: Kitchen, Day 2: Fridge


Today I tackled my fridge and freezer and some cupboards in the nearby area. I KICKED BUTT!!

Luckily we are quite short on food right now, so this job was a lot easier than it could have been.


Here’s my before and after pics, side by side:





You can’t really tell from the before pic, but it was NASTY on top of that fridge! So I took a halfway pic, where I had wiped off the loose dirt, but hadn’t completed wiping it down yet…it still doesn’t do it justice.:

IMG 1901

So I’m quite proud of that clean fridge top now. Especially since it really only gets wiped off like once a year.


Apparently I neglected to take a “before” pic of the inside of that cupboard above the fridge. It was very tidy, since it never gets used…it is just things that are only used on special occasion. But I did go through it and get rid of a bunch of things and decided to move all our cookie cutters into it…shuffle some stuff around, free up space in other cupboards. So it was really more of a declutter and reorganize, less of a tidy and clean. And this is the result:

IMG 1902



I also had on my schedule to attack the food cupboards above my kitchen sink:


SOOOOO much expired food stuffs thrown away today! An entire large garbage back FULL!! And then some!! Tons of expired condiments that were years past date. Time to GO! Such a GOOD feeling emptying things out!!


Another great Purge day!!


If you’d like to join me on my Purge, you can sign up here!


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