2018 GSPAC – Zone 1: Kitchen, Day 3: Stove area

The Great Summer Purge and Clean, day 3

Ok, we are in the stove area today…this means the stove and the cupboards above and next to, including my junk drawer…Plus I tacked on the cupboards below the kitchen sink into this area as well. I even opened up my stove and cleaned all the grime that gathers under the burners from spillage. GROSS! Also replaced all the aluminum foil on all the drip pans under the burners. Everything looks so clean now! 

So here’s the before and after pics…

Had a bunch more foodstuffs to throw out today. The cupboards near my stove are for baking and cooking supplies, so I had a lot of old old stuff there that needed to GO. It’s all nice and organized and tidy now! I am finding a few things here and there to put in the thrift store bags as well. 

This area is now clean and organized and I’m ready to move on to the next area now!


TOMORROW: Microwave & cupboards

If you’d like to join me on my Purge, you can sign up here!

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