2018 GSPAC – Zone 1: Kitchen, Day 5: Dishwasher/kitchen table/floor

The Great Summer Purge & Clean, the kitchen

Today wrapped up the first week of my 5th Annual Great Summer Purge and Clean: The Kitchen Zone. Today I focused on cleaning/organizing the top of my dishwasher (it’s a portable, and a magnet for piles of crap), cleaning the kitchen table (which wasn’t actually too bad, for a change), and thoroughly steam cleaning the kitchen floor…which was pretty bad, rarely being cleaned. I also wiped down all the kitchen table chairs and the window sill. It was a great way to finish off the kitchen! And now my kitchen looks fantastic! Mostly. Of course, the dishes are an endless battle. Already becoming an issue again…but that’s life…

So here’s the before and after pics from this last day of the Kitchen zone!

The dishwasher has a whole lot of coffee making paraphernalia for my husband (I don’t like coffee) that was all over the place…so I was pleased to find a basket that worked really well to contain it all! Looks so much nicer, next to our medicine basket. Everything is contained now, instead of vomiting all over the surface, LOL!

Plus I found new homes for all the other stuff that didn’t belong there. Mission accomplished!


Not really much of a difference with the table. I did wipe it down really well, as well as all the chairs nooks and crannies that collect grime. And put all the appliances back in cupboards.  It won’t last, but I’m enjoying the emptiness of it while I have it! 


The floor is probably the most dramatic change in today’s clean…it’s rarely cleaned…I hate cleaning floors…  Even though I have this awesome steam cleaner now, which makes it super easy to do. It’s not really easy to tell from pictures, but that thing kicks BUTT!  If you click on the images they will open in a larger size and you can see better…especially the one labeled “Before & After”…on the left is the cleaned side, the right you can see the stripe of grime that clearly indicates the area that has yet to be cleaned. That thing WORKS, I tell ya! I LOVE my steam mop! No more scrubbing floors on hands and knees for me!!  SIDE NOTE: My floors are OLD (not sure they are original floors, but the house is a 1955), and very damaged. Like so much in my house. So there are all kinds of gouges and marks in the linoleum. That’s as clean as it gets, so I’m happy!


So the kitchen is CLEAN and ORGANIZED and DECLUTTERED!!! It feels WONDERFUL!!!! 

And I feel energized and ready for the next zone!! 


NEXT WEEK: Living Room & “Big Room” (our garage conversion)

Stay tuned for more purging and cleaning!


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