A cool idea for bookmarks

Just came up with this idea recently and thought I’d share. 🙂

If you like to keep track of what pages or lessons you’ve done each day with your children…and if you’re like me and usually forget to do so…Here’s an idea that I just came up with that is helping me out tremendously!

Its so simple, I’m really surprised I didn’t think of it sooner! Make yourself a plain bookmark for each book you want to track. Something easy to do with paper or cardstock (I prefer cardstock, as its easier to use something stiffer so it helps open the book to the page easier.) Just cut something like this:

1 78 insert(If you’d rather just purchase something pre-made, these are available for $5 for a 50 pack at this website.)

You can, of course, make in color if you prefer and decorate it any way you like…just leave room on it (front and back if there are many chapters in the book) to write.

You could even just use an index card…large or small depending on the size of the book and the space you need to write. Of course those come in colors too, which makes it even more fun! And the positive side of using index cards is that they are easy to file in an index card file box!

Then, as you start the book, simply write on it the date you started, then record the chapters read each day with the date! I also put the child’s name on mine and the name of the book so if it falls out of the book I know where to return it. Easy Peasy! Then you can write the date when you end, and you have a record that you can either keep as-is or use to refer to to write down the info into a permanent record like a date book (which is what I use).

No more kicking yourself for not writing down what chapters you read when (believe me, I’ve done this).

Of course you’ll need to keep a pen or pencil near the book to record with…or hook one on the cover, if its thin enough to do so. Or choose a spot to keep the books you want to track that has a pencil cup within easy reach. 🙂

You could also use this idea to write down what pages/chapters that you would like to do on what days. Then check off as completed! Use it to keep yourself on track with a lesson book or use it in your children’s books to tell them what you’d like them to accomplish.

I’d love to know if you use this and if you have any other ideas for creative uses of bookmarks! Please leave a comment and share!

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  1. Hi, Tina.

    I just wandered over from the SecularCM yahoo group. What a lovely blog. Great idea about the bookmarks too. We use tons of them, but I hadn’t thought to make notes on them.

    Cheers, Renee

  2. Hi,

    What I do to keep track of the books we read en to plan ahead is: I use Skedtrack.com a online planner intended for homeschoolers. I plan when we are going to read what chapters and I write down the activities to go along with the chapters. This works extremely well for us.



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