A Family Walk

Our family takes short neighborhood walks daily. At least we try to. We live in the Central Valley of California, where from May through October every year it is HOT…often triple digits…so this gets challenging during these months. Have to go early. But we need these short walks daily, for sunshine, fresh air (such as it is in some of the worst air in the nation), and exercise, for our mental health. I am in the throes of perimenopause, as I have mentioned before, so exercise has become critical.

I’m not always good at making it happen daily, but we’ve done pretty well this summer so far.

On the 4th, my husband was home for the holiday and joined us. Below are pics from the adventures. Enjoy!

img 0124
My hubs and daughter deep in conversation
img 0122
Apparently this is how they walk. DORKS!
img 0120
My son prefers riding his bike while we walk

img 0119

img 0118
My son in the distance

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