a great play day!!

i’ve gotten offtrack with school, and with blogging about what we’ve been doing…we’ve done a little here and there, but not at all where i want to be. for one reason or another.

anyway, today was a good one though! today we went to maeven’s new art class, which was “art in the park” with one of the homeschool moms. she liked it! its not super expensive, she gets a little art (and a little art history…they talked about paul klee today, and then did art like him) and she gets to be with other homeschoolers. the class is mostly boys right now, but maeven did enjoy it. i just have to remember to bring something to entertain tyren because there’s not a playground…its just grass and trees.

afterwards we went for lunch and then headed to the homeschool park day that happens every thursday, weather permitting. we haven’t been in a couple years, i think…its just not been something we really wanted to do because we always felt kinda like outsiders when we went…all the kids knew each other and there were so many and maeven in particular didn’t know how to break into the groups. but we tried again today and today she really enjoyed herself!! today she made a bunch of new (and remade old) friends and had a blast!

its still a lot of work for me because i can’t just sit and chat with the parents…i have to follow tyren around. and keep him away from maeven so she can have fun without brother intervention. but still i got some socializing with some friends i haven’t seen in awhile and it was fun all around! so we will be coming again! i think we’ll make it a weekly thing again. very cool!

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