Ah, summer…

We recently finished our first school year at a homeschool charter, and had a truly wonderful year! I’m very glad I made the decision to sign my kids up! So many wonderful free resources available! But one thing is kind of a drag: recording everything remotely educational we do. So I made the decision to take the summer off from homeschooling so I can enjoy not having to constantly look at everything we do through educational glasses. What a relief!

I did decide to continue math, though…as neither of my kids finished their books and I still have some catching up to do with Maeven. Plus math is one of those things that slips young minds if you aren’t regularly using it…so they need the continual practice, I think.

So this is to be the summer of catching up. Catching up on math for them, and everything else for me.

I am on the board at our local kids science center, and co-head of the committee (of 2) to plan out new exhibits for the soon-to-be newly opened museum, so that is important for me to get worked on over summer. Big job. HUGE job!

AND…I have an upcoming birthday party to plan for my soon-to-be 7yr old son (we do birthdays big!)

AND…I need to plan out the upcoming school year and totally reorganize the school room/art area (which is thrashed).

Not to mention all the housework that I’m constantly behind on and the children I must keep entertained.

Sigh. I’m exhausted just thinking on all I have to do!

And on top of everything, it’s hot. WAY hot, as the Central Valley (CA) tends to be from May through October. Bleh. We’re talking days on end of upper 90s-low 100s bleh. And me cranky in extreme heat. And a poorly insulated house with sky rocket energy bills on an already stretched to the max budget. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention the money woes. Well, enough whining already.

So….time for me to up my game and kick in all my creative juices and A.D.D. hyper focus and get these jobs underway so I can feel good about jobs well done and not constantly stress about how much I suck at multitasking!

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