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3 Options:

  1. Church School: sometimes called umbrella schools or homeschool cover schools
  2. Private School (can be at home):
  3. Private Tutor:


Notification Required: Yes, one timeParent Education: No requirements
Required Ages: 6-17Vaccination Requirements: None
State Mandated Subjects: NoDays/Hours: No requirements
Assessments Required: None

Notification Required: States have different requirements regarding if there needs to be someone notified when you decide to homeschool.

Parent Education: Some states have a required minimum education for parents to be able to homeschool. None of them require college, though.

Required Ages: The mandated ages for compulsory education in the state.

Vaccination Requirements: Laws regarding immunization requirements for homeschoolers vary from state to state.

State Mandated Subjects: Some states require specific subjects to be taught.

Days/Hours: Some states have rules on the number of days in a year and/or hours in a day that homeschooling must occur, or when specifically it must occur.

Assessments Required: Some states require homeschoolers to undergo regular assessments, others do not.


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Everest Academy-statewide cover school

Dayspring Academy-a church school in Alabama offering a family-based educational program for grades K-12. 

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