Anthem for a New Year: There is an Answer

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This song is on my Apple Music playlist of “Happy Songs”, which I frequently listen to. I simply adore this band, and especially this song.

Today, I heard it with a different ear…

Today it felt like it actually had a purpose for me, as a homeschool mom.

The lyrics are quite meaningful.

If you think about the lyrics from the perspective of your struggles as a homeschool parent…these lyrics might actually help you during trying times.

The lyrics are also in the video above, but here I have them for you to peruse quickly in their entirety:

I am just a sailor in a great big sea
Searching for what’s meant for me
And I thank my lucky stars every single day
I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be

When the storm begins to blow
When I’ve lost my way back home
Oh, there is an answer
Oh, there is an answer

There is a ripple to every wave
A rhythm to the days and nights
And all our thoughts, they make the world go round
All our efforts multiply

Make a change, and you will see
One small step is all we need
Oh, there is an answer
Oh, there is an answer

There is no difference between you and me
It lies beyond our history
And if we only take the time to see we’re all we need
Just take my hand, and see me as a brother

Look inside, and you will find
Love exists in every kind
Oh, there is an answer
Oh, there is an answer

Near or far, oh I believe that love will find us there
Through the dark, oh I believe that love will find us there
Oh, I believe that love will find us there
Oh, I believe that love will find us there
Oh, I believe that love will find us there

Oh, there is an answer

Here’s what this means to me…

We all struggle with homeschooling our children at times. Some more than others.

Especially those of us dealing with extra challenges like ADHD. (The one I mention a lot because it is my biggest personal struggle.) In ourselves, in our kids.

But we ALL struggle.

There is ALWAYS an answer to all we struggle with. It’s just a matter of figuring out what that is. Or just riding the struggle out.

Sometimes the answer is to:

  • just stop, take a break and reconnect
  • change things up
  • let something go
  • try a little harder at something
  • do something FUN!
  • get outside, preferably into nature
  • go somewhere
  • get wet
  • get messy
  • make something yummy
  • snuggle up and read or listen to a good book together
  • watch a good movie together
  • do something completely silly/wacky
  • take some time to show your kids a little more love and/or kindness
  • take some time to show yourself a little more love and/or kindness
  • this list could go on for days!

And sometimes it will just take time and things will sort themselves out…

But ultimately, there is ALWAYS one answer to every struggle: LOVE. Give your kids, your partner, and especially YOURSELF, love.

You know this, but just to list it out…You give love to your kiddos with your:

  • patience
  • kind words and gestures
  • hugs and kisses and other physical gestures of affection
  • time spent with them
  • time spent listening to them
  • attention to the things that THEY need (vs what you want for them. Learn your family’s love languages)
  • things you do for them (without guilting them about “all you do for them”)

When things get really rough, we can doubt ourselves…we can feel hopeless and sometimes we want to give up.

But those are the times that we really need to remember that there IS an answer.

It sounds super corny, but it’s really true: Give and feel love and from there you can draw the strength to find the solution… Together.

It may take time to find that solution, and it certainly will require you to regroup and give yourself some space to see things in a different light since we are often in our own way…but THERE IS (always) AN ANSWER.

In the meantime…


And never give up. There IS an answer.

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