APP REVIEW: Dragonbox Math



Dragonbox ROCKS!!
I have enjoyed these apps for years! I swear I enjoy the apps as much, maybe more than, my kids!

If you haven’t heard of Dragonbox yet…its a company that gamifies math. Specifically algebra. They now also have other math games, it looks like. I’ve only played their algebra apps. But judging by the quality and fun of the algebra apps, I’d say the other ones are probably AMAZING as well!

The games I have are Dragonbox Algebra 5+ (“So easy a 5 year old can do it!”)

and Dragonbox Algebra 12+ (Which actually says it’s for ages 9 and up.)–Offers more levels and harder equations.

Here’s the promo video that explains how these games work:

These apps are an awesome way to have fun with algebra! I think it’s a fantastic way of making algebra come to life and get it to make a lot more sense in a very fun way. With this game, algebra is just a bunch of neat puzzles to solve! And the graphics in this game are just OUTSTANDING, which helps add to the experience, of course!

They also have other apps that are for younger kids to learn addition, subtraction and number sense…and for older kids to learn geometry concepts. I have not tried any of these, but they look amazing too!

These apps are not free, but they are SO worth every penny! And they do offer them in package deals, where you can get some or all of their apps, for a discounted price.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out all the Dragonbox games! I cannot say enough about them! And I want to go play them some more right now!!



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