public bike system

i just found out about this from another blog. how cool!!! i think every city in our country should have this!! in the world!!! 🙂 but i’m thinking that the bikes would probably just get vandalized and destroyed in fresno, argh! we have so friggin many losers here that seem to think its ok to damage and destroy things that […]


this is friggin awesome! 🙂 match your beliefs with the presidential candidates. and its fun and funny too! i did it and only had 2 of my answers match mccain. the rest of mine were allllllll obama. didn’t really surprise me. i know the election isn’t this simple, but still, pretty neat to see who you pick anyway.

still sick

well methinks this week is a scrub…i’m still coughing up a lung and now maeven is too. poor thing. i was thinking today she sounded just like me and i worried she may have asthma as well, but then i listened harder to her cough and its pretty moist. mine is dry and hacking. we are equally coughing as far […]

mother’s oath

i so needed this. i was reading one of the blogs i subscribe to, and found this: “Attention all parents of multiple children, especially those with babies and/or toddlers, and definitely all new homeschooling families — raise your right hand and repeat after me: “My children will not always be this age.”… Babies will eventually detach themselves from Mom’s chest, […]

nasty cold

well actually the cold is just a normal cold. what makes it nasty…and this happens EVERY time i get a cold now…is the asthma kicking in. coughing up a lung each and every time i catch cold gets really old. and now i can’t find my inhaler. it was an ancient one anyway…actually it was adam’s from like 4 years […]

sick day

Yesterday we did actually accomplish a few things… 2 math lessons Maeven finished reading the chapter book she was working on: We looked through some more library books on topics we are studying in history and science. We finished this book: (It was really good! Very interesting and great pics!) We watched our latest signing time dvd we got from […]