BOOK REVIEW: Beyond the Rainbow Bridge : Nurturing Our Children from Birth to Seven

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Nurturing Our Children from Birth to Seven, by Barbara J. Patterson

This book is about the Waldorf education philosophy. Even if you are not interested in Waldorf, you will find many jewels of wisdom in this book. I don’t agree with all things Waldorf, and there are a couple of things in this book that are not as important to me…but there are so many things that are absolutely wonderful in this book.

It talks about a different way of looking at children and childhood and learning how important it is to really encourage imaginative play and to set up the environment in such a way as to be beautiful and conducive for enriching play…and so much more.

Check this book out for an excellent introduction to some basic Waldorf concepts, and just glean some great insights you may not have learned before. Great for teachers and parents alike.

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